Visited/observed GSSF in Jackson, NJ 6/16 followed by an afternoon at my LGS range :)

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  1. Arrived in Jackson for the GSSF match there a little after 9AM. Large facility (I believe it when they claim to be one of the largest gun clubs on the East Coast), very large parking area, and it was nearly filled to capacity by 9.

    Saw the full spectrum in terms of experience and ability. A very positive atmosphere, absolutely no one laughing at or making negative comments about fellow competitors who did not shoot well. Lots of words of encouragement from RO staff as well as fellow shooters.

    Some of those unlimited shooters were amazing!

    Learned a lot by just watching, and very excited to join GSSF and pre-register to their meet in PA in August.

    Anyone who is thinking about going to a GSSF event, would definately recommend pre-registering by mail. Spoke to several participants today (and overheard many others), all saying it took them well over an hour on line just to register on site.

    Got home and went to the range in the early evening to put 100 rounds through the Sig P226 since the G30 is still at my LGS getting a set of TFO's installed. Shot well, and the roomates have really improved a lot since introducing dry-firing practice at home a few weeks ago.

    Start to finish, Saturday was Gun Day. I'm happy as a pig in mud!
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    Sounds like a great time...!!

    "...pre-register to their meet in PA in August "

    Where is this being held CM ?!

  3. Going to be in Topton, Pa, near Kutztown University 8/18 - 8/19
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    Any other meetings in pa at all?
  5. That's the only one in Pa this year for GSSF.
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    Thank CM !!

    ...been up that way a few times, nice area !