vid- Gen4 19, 7 mag dump!

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  1. Something we did back in the fall making light and fun of all the reported Gen4 failures. This was done with the original 336 ejector and the 041 spring. All 106 rounds on target with Winchester White Box.

    My trigger finger and hand were seriously about to lock up from cramping towards the end.......


    Don't ask about the pink targets, we were all out of other color paint.:D I must add that it was a good color for acquisition.
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    Nice video Mike...!!

    I was gettin' tired just watchin...

    ATTN: Forum Members...I'm starting a collection to buy Mike some paint

    ...any color but pink !! :p

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    I'm just curious as to where he kept pulling these mags from...haha
  4. I had no mag pouches on. They were ALL tucked into the top of my pants which is why the mag changes were so awkward.
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    Ok so this video makes me ask, is it better to pull the slide back before hitting the release? On my 19 I always just thumb the slide release and keep going. Not saying your way is wrong at all, but i figure the slide is bouncing forward faster than that when shooting, or is there something else I'm missing?
  6. You're not missing anything. I normally just release the slide with my thumb. I have ZERO explanation as to why I was doing it the way I was in the vid.....none. Maybe the thought of being on cam jacked me up I dunno.:D

    I can look at it now and ask myself....*** was I doing?:confused:
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    I've heard it is good to get in the habit of racking it by hand because this is how you would clear a lot of malfunctions and in an emergency situation, if you picked up a weapon that wasn't yours, you wouldn't be fumbling for the slide release. It would be habit just to powerstroke it like that.
  8. At normal conditions when at a range it's so hard to keep the mindset that if you have a jam to clear it and keep on rolling. Natural reactions of "what the...just happened to my gun" takes over and you want to look to see what the problem is.

    It's a really good idea to load dummy rounds or snaps, then mix the mags up and practice that way.