Victim discovers gunshot wound 4 hours later.

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    Victim discovers gunshot wound 4 hours later
    Written by John Tuohy
    1:00 AM, Apr. 24, 2012

    A man at the scene of a shooting called police four hours later when he realized he been struck by a bullet.

    Quincy Stamps, 29, Indianapolis, said his leg started itching about 12:30 a.m. Tuesday. When he touched the leg he saw blood and connected it to a shooting at 1500 North Ritter Avenue at about 8:30 p.m.

    Stamps told police that he was standing outside the Keystone North apartments with a group of other people when a man in dreadlocks approached them and opened fire with a handgun.

    Stamps said everyone scattered and he went home, only to notice he’d been shot.

    Stamps was sent to Community East Hospital. His condition as not immediately known.

    I will update this if I get any more info. I am interested in knowing what type of bullet he was shot with.
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    possible bb gun shooting?

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    It may have been shrapnel
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    Lol, or he is just super hardcore.
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    President Reagan was also unaware he was shot. There was no blood; he thought the secret service agent cracked a rib shoving him into the car. Drs. In the ER were also unaware for a while until they looked under his arm and saw the entrance wound. All of his bleeding was occurring internally.
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    Rumor has it, he tried to decline the trip to the ER. When the secret service did his once over on the President Regan, there was a little blood tinged color in his spit, and they decided to have him looked over. He WALKED into the ER, and then had a near syncopal episode as he was walking to the exam room.

    Had they gone back to the "safe house" instead of the ER, he would have died.
  7. Don't quote me on the president (I know it has a G in it) but I think it was Gerald Ford. Anyway one of them was shot and actually would have survived the gunshot. It was the surgeons going in over and over trying to remove the bullet that actually killed him.
  8. actually, i think it was garfield