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  1. Can you break this down for me, I mean what exactly is he doing in this video?

  2. It said something about car position... I'd like to guess that he is simulating shooting from the driver seat in a car.

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    Sorry, it has nothing to do with a car as in automobile, however, it IS a method that could be used from a car.

    He's demonstrating a hold method called Center Axis Relock or CAR for short.

    It is effective, it does work.

    Unfortunately, the camera man does a piss poor job showing the method, concentrating waaay too much on the target IMHO.

    You get the best view of the grip/hold method at about 3:23 mark in the video.

    For more information:

    Wiki is a good place to start, might not be 100% accurate but it's a starting point. ( Wikipedia CAR Method )

    Couple of videos:

    [ame=""]CAR Family Shoot by SafeArmsReview[/ame]
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