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    Yah. Another member posted a similar story

    In spite of all the negative publicity the guy is getting, and all the "what a brainless jerk" is being hurled his way, the bottom line is this: he survived the shot, with most likely nothing more than a bruised gut. With a 10mm shot, a caliber known for overpenetration, no less!

    Troopers on patrol in the wee hours of the night, along otherwise deserted highways, when the nearest help is 20 minutes plus away, are thankful, and can go home to wife and children at the end of shift, because of the protection that body armor provides. And police on patrol in bad neighborhoods? Same thing.

    Before the standardization (heck, before the invention) of ballistics gel for testing, this is how so-called bulletproof armor was tested.

    Parachute test: will it work when you need it, or will you hit the ground going 200 miles per hour?

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    Thanks for the link jln370 !
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    Glad to see that. I wear a Level IIIA vest at work, and it's great seeing how well they work. Right now I'm working as an armed guard here in South Florida. They always put me in the most lovely neighborhoods ::sarcasm mode turned off::, so it's a relief knowing I'm that protected at work.
  5. We issue II-A vests. Cycle them out and have been known to take a few to the range and perform our own tests. I usually use a small truck tire (no wheel) as a "holder" but also use other items to simulate a "body"

    It not only makes a fun day at the range but you get to test all manner of ammo and Kevlar. It makes you want wear a steal plate for certain ballistics, a 12guage slug surprised us.