Utg light and laser problem. Help please!!!

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  1. Hey guys. I got a utg compact laser/flashlight lt-tlp28 on my glock 23. But the problem with the light is that sometimes the light won't work then come on and now the laser is not coming on for nothing. Any body got answers? Please help me fix it or if it's a waste of time?!
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    I learned the hard way you get what you pay for. Sometimes you luck out but usually not. Surefire and Streamlights are the only flashlights that I have that have never broke or had issues. I ran a Streamlight Microstream through the washing machine and dryer. Had the light work on and off intermittently. Went to warranty center they sent it in and Streamlight replaced it no questions no charge and shipped it to my house.
  4. Nice the that might be what I need to go to then. Thanks
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    I've used a TLR for several years, put it through alot of abuse and it keeps on going. My M3 worked fine too, but there's just something about my TLRs that I like more, they are brighter, they are metal cased, long battery life, and they are tough.
  6. Yea the only thing I want the laser for is for my wife so she can just poin and shoot. And I know she can't just look at the sites and line them up. But thank all you for the feed back