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    Ok first match is coming up next Saturday. I want to order a new holster but may hold off and use what I got untill I see different holsters in action and I also want to find out whats legal and not as far as classes go.

    My guns are Glcoks of course, a 17 and 35. I think I will be shooting production, limited and limited 10. And maybe open with a 17L or tricked out 17 upper, but not anytime soon so I'm not really worried about that level just yet.

    I have a belt Blackhawk serpa, this will work for production since its an "Everday holster" but I also have a Fobus paddle, but a paddle is not legal right? (gonna shoot the 9mm in production since its all minor)

    My other question is about Limited and open. As I read the online rules, you can use the same holster in limited, limited10 and open, correct?

    Ill be shooting my new G35 in limited to make major. But I dont have a holster for it yet, however it does fit in my Blackhawk serpa but sticks out the bottom.
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    Blade-tech and comptac are two of the big dogs you will see in Production and maybe limited. A lot of Open guys use a 'ghost' style holster that basically just holds the gun up and covers the trigger. The serpa holster will slow you down, especially with the lock engaged.

    Since you are running a bunch of glocks in the same sizes, I would get a 'ghost' holster or something for that 17L, because that is your longest one. The 35, and 17 should all fit it as well, but it won't be legal for production should you shoot that. I have a blade-tech holster for my 34 that I shoot in production. It is dropped and offset, so it sits lower and away fom my shirt more, making it easier to draw.

    That is just my .02 cents worth! :) I hope others chime in with their opinions. Happy shooting and good luck1

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    I use a Mikes for my 17/34, its cheap and honestly the fastest holster I have ever owned. I bought it when I started to see if I even like the sport, and now that I'm hooked, I see no reason to buy a different one. I use a Black Hawk for my single stack, not as fast, but still nice. Once/if you go open, its a different world. Start slow and get used to the rules, and way of doing thinge in production, once your comfortable you can change classes.