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    Maybe this is in the right forum and maybe not. I was looking at some of the Glocks for sale and I noticed an offering to ship USPS. My understanding is that it is illegal to ship firearms USPS. Is this so, not so or have to be declared and shipped in some special way. Do we have any mail persons, lawyers, LEO that can clarify?
  2. USPS will ship firearms ONLY via an FFL, PERIOD.

    The uppers (slide, etc) can be shipped any time via USPS but not a complete firearm or the registered part of the firearm, unless via an FFL.

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    An individual can also ship (long guns at least) via USPS only if it is going back to the manufacture for repair. (I know because I had to do it last week!)

    You can also ship individual to individual within your own state. (I don't know if that applies to handguns though).
  4. Handguns are never ok to ship via USPS unless it is an FFL.
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    This is great info. Thanks!
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    11.1.5 Manufacturers and Dealers

    Handguns may also be mailed between licensed manufacturers of firearms and licensed dealers of firearms in customary trade shipments, or for repairing or replacing parts.

    11.1.2 Handguns

    Pistols, revolvers, and other firearms capable of being concealed on the person (referred to as handguns) are nonmailable unless mailed between the parties listed in 11.1.3 and 11.1.5 after the filing of an affidavit or statement required by 11.1.4 and 11.1.6.

    11.1.3 Authorized Persons

    Subject to 11.1.4, handguns may be mailed by a licensed manufacturer of firearms, a licensed dealer of firearms, or an authorized agent of the federal government or the government of a state, territory, or district, only when addressed to a person in one of the following categories for use in the person's official duties:

    a. Officers of the Army, Coast Guard, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, or Organized Reserve Corps.

    b. Officers of the National Guard or militia of a state, territory, or district.

    c. Officers of the United States or of a state, territory, or district, whose official duty is to serve warrants of arrest or commitment.

    d. USPS employees authorized by the Chief Postal Inspector.

    e. Officers and employees of enforcement agencies of the United States.

    f. Watchmen engaged in guarding the property of the United States, a state, territory, or district.

    g. Purchasing agent or other designated member of agencies employing officers and employees included in 11.1.3c. through 11.1.3e.
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    this guy got it right about handguns, they can go FFL to FFL using USPS or select officials can mail them.

    An individual can also use USPS to send long guns to an FFL.

    Once again nukinfuts29 was full of it :eek:
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