USA Today 2nd Admendment Poll

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    Sorry, OLD POLL!
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    Will fwd this for sure

  3. rivalarrival

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    That poll is from November, 2007.
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    I was just about to point that out ;)
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    He said they were not happy with the results from the first one, probably in 2007, so they most likely just used the same poll and cleared the stats.
  6. rivalarrival

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    Except that they *didn't* clear the stats. That's the poll from 2007. This link and the story in the OP has been floating around various forums catering to gun-lovers since 2007. While the initial threads may have been valid, this story and link have long since become a worthless chain letter.

    USATODAY also posted this around the same time:

    In it, they found that Americans believe gun ownership is an individual right, by a margin of over 3 to 1.
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    Sorry I couldn't find a date on it.