Upgrades for m4 is it worth the $

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  1. Glocku

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    I was on Craigslist in my area and ran across somebody selling a nib crimson trace vertical grip with the light and laser combo, a spikes tactical nickel boron coated bolt carrier, spike tactical nickel boron coated battle trigger and 6 position spikes buffer tube. Is $500 worth it he staes all of the parts are new. I just want some opinions on if I should get it.
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    The question is do you want/need any of it? The Crimson Trace is a nice addition. The nickel boron coating and anything from Spike's Tactical is top notch. Depending on the model, that Crimson Trace is over $300, the bolt carrier, if it's the full BCG, is $275 or so. The buffer tube, on it's own, is basically useless if you already have a 6 position stock, unless you're planning to build another one.

    I'm not big Craigslist fan. I would question why he's selling them and especially at over $100 loss, if they're new. But, I'm suspicious by nature; that's how I was trained to be.
  4. Glocku

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    I'm not a big fan of Craigslist either but I always look around at random parts for sale. I don't need any of what he has for sale I'm just addicted to firearms and always want to upgrade.