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    Need your help, I was thinking about replacing all 3 springs in my G17 & G26 both are Gen 4s. This is were I can really use you help. Is it worth it Yes or No? Explain.... If so, should I go with Wolff or Ghost? Thanks you all in advance.
  2. I did a trigger upgrade on my G26 Gen 4 over a month ago. I went with the Ghost 3.5 Ultimate connector, 6lb trigger spring, 4lb striker spring and a reduced power plunger spring. It made the trigger super smooth, light and crisp! However, I did have to remove the 4lb striker spring and reinstall the factory spring because I was getting a few light primer strikes. Trigger is still smooth and crisp. Not as light though, but still feels great! As far as which brand, you'll get several different opinions on that. I chose Ghost and it's worked for me, but I've heard really good feedback on Wolff, so it just comes down to trial, error and personal preference. Hope this helps! Very welcome!

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    Yes, use Wolff springs. That is what I use in all the Glocks I upgrade for customers.
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    Wolff's whole business is springs. They are very meticulous and I would venture to say have more uniformity in their springs.

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    Thank you everyone for your great input. I know you guys would help me. Take care my friends
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    If you buy a Ghost Rocket kit from Ghost Inc. it will come with the Wolf springs. I've done both my 23 and 27 both with the 6.0 lb springs (or option for "self defense") it does seem to help ordering the gen 3 trigger w/bar for the Gen 4's. But I think the trigger housing on the Gen 4's holds the trigger connector at about a 5 degree difference from previous Gen's making the trigger slightly heavier. My 27 (Gen 3) breaks at 4lbs, and my 23 (Gen 4) at 5lbs. Arthur over at Ghost Inc. is very helpful.

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    Thanks iShoot, I also heard of buying the Gen 3 internals for our Gen 4s. I will have to look into that one a bit more now. Thanks again for all your help.