Update on Gen 4 G19 range report...

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  1. ...and probably last one unless I have issues. I just post as there have been known issues with some of the Gen 4's but luckily, mine has been flawless. Today I shot:

    100 rounds of WWB 115gr
    100 rounds of WWB 124gr
    15 rounds of Speer GD 124gr P+

    For a total of 647 rounds.

    Failures (FTF, FTE, etc): 0
    Brass to the face: 2

    Of note, I used one of my Glockmeister SS RSA's but it caused some erratic ejection (2 or 3) per magazine so I put my new stock RSA back in. Pretty much perfect ejection of all brass, even the 115gr rounds. End result, love the Gen 4 G19 as it fits my hands perfect without the back strap, I prefer the larger magazine release and the texture. It's my EDC though I might go with my G23 once I start shooting the .357 SIG.
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    Very cool. I hate to admit it but the G19 gen 4 won me over too. Nice little pistol. I hope yours gives you years of shooting pleasure. :)

  3. Me too as it's going to get lots of use :D I'm probably going to get a 9mm conversion barrel for my G23 so if I want to have two, I can.