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    With the permission of our Range President I'm posting the last of a 10 part series he penned regarding I 594 and its far reaching effects on the shooting sports here in Washington state. Hopefully enough of us will see through this 'common sense' initiative and vote for I 591.


    Finally got the text up. Thanks all for your patience!
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    Always scares me when I hear " common sense inititave" Coming from legislators.....:(

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    Yep this is the one to watch for sure.
  4. Sparky_D

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    Ideally, both 591 and 594 should fail. I don't like the idea of 591 tying our (Washington State residents) future gun laws to some yet to be determined and still undefined "Federal Standard".

    However, if both pass, legal challenges on the conflicting nature of the two initiatives will tie up the courts for years.

    The only way we, as WA gun owners, can hope to protect our liberty is to defeat 594 at the ballots. The 594 TV ads are spewing twisted rhetoric and half truths as fact.

    I'm still waiting on the promised concerted efforts of the NRA on the "No on 594" campaign, but so far.... (crickets)

  5. Well said Sparky, but I'd add that the root cause to the blatant assault on our Liberty is the fact that we keep electing liberals like my Henry Cuellar and your Patty Murray to Congress at both State and Federal offices. That needs to cease! That happens, the rest will work itself out...

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  7. Sparky_D

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    Well, the NRA is stepping up to the plate on this initiative (finally).


    Another concerted effort against I-594 which is truly "Grass Roots" (although anyone can donate, and I encourage everyone to do so, because if this garbage passes in Washington State, you can bet Bloomberg and his cronies are bringing it to your state next):

  8. Rockyd

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    The NRA is putting their eggs in the BIG basket. They are trying to influence the U.S. Senate outcome. They can't fight every fight, sometimes we have to fight our own battles!
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    Well heck, the BIG basket be darned.. we fought our own battle & lost
    abysmally. The people of WA have spoken. Not hardly. Ballmer and Gates have each given a $1 million to the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility in support of Initiative 594. I realize the NRA contributed money to defeat I 594 however it was too little too late. I'm extremely disappointed in the NRA!
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    I almost didn't renew my NRA membership over I 594.