Uncle Mikes IWB holster

Discussion in 'Holsters and Cases' started by hrvstar1100, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. looking at the Uncle Mikes IWB for my glock 17. anyone have anything good or bad thoughts about these? I have a Galco leather holster that just doesnt feel comfortable.
  2. bhale187

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    I have an uncle mikes for my G22 (same holster size 15)

    They are pretty comfortable, the pistol grip will rub on you some so if you have an rtf thats something to consider.

  3. the guy at the Bimart here told me a size 5 for my glock 17. does that sound tight?
  4. bhale187

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    Good holster. I used one for my G33. it's very concealable and comfortable. The only thing that sucked for my is that reholstering is a pain.
  6. iGlock

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    Agree...had one for the g27. Pain in ass to reholster.
  7. Is there something comfortable that is easily re-holsterable?
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    I also use a galco holster for my g30. It aint too bad to reholster. Does take to hands tho, for me anyway. You should take a look at some crossbreed supertuck holsters, never owned one but i heard they are really good.
  9. I have a galco and I don't like the feel. The leather is just too rough.