Ultimate Glock Destruction

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by DougK, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. DougK

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    Not to get off base or criticize Glock, because I LOVE my 27, but what does anybody think of this?

  2. Magnum27

    Magnum27 New Member

    I watched this last night. I think he was just being funny - at the end he goes into great praise of the Glock. FPS has a great clip on the Glock 17

  3. I spent about 1 minute watching that. First off, that guy needs to find a holster for his 1911. (If you think carrying a Glock with a round chambered is dangerous, try a 1911 stuck in your belt.) Second, he muzzled himself with that Glock about 10 - 15 times just in the short amount of video I watched. That's enough for me to not bother with the rest.
  4. iRockGlock

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    Yea I saw this.
    He says he likes he's Nighthawk 1911 more than Glock.
    If I paid 3 grand for a gun I would like it the most too lol
  5. iGlock

    iGlock Lead Farmer

    Those 1911s are sick as hell tho
  6. Magnum27

    Magnum27 New Member

    To be fair he states this several times and that dollar for dollar the Glock is an excellent gun.
  7. Infamous_Glock

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  8. JLV0808

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    I have a 19 and a 1911, I would take my 19 any day over the 1911. To me it's much more comfortable!!!!!
  9. Magnum27

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    I have been watching FPSRussia's videos for several months and he seems like a good guy just having fun. I read he makes very good money running those videos.
  10. jonm61

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    Actually, he said if you want a 1911 to run as reliably as a Glock you need to spend $3k like he did.

    He needs to put in some range time with his $3k 1911; he missed the first 2 or 3 shots when he was shooting the 21 and it was right there on the ground in front of him.
  11. Infamous_Glock

    Infamous_Glock New Member

    Ah yes right at the end
  12. That was dumb and not just because he ruined a perfectly good Glock. It could have been a freakin high point for all i care.It was just stupid. I honestly dont think the tannerite would do that much damage with the weapon just laying on top, it looks like he actually hit it with the .308 by the damage in the middle of the frame.

    I dont see him having enough vid views to recover that money from adsense.
  13. StoneCat

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    FPS Russia is a double edged sword.
    On one hand, it's fun to watch. And he makes enough money to finance that circus.
    On the other hand, he doesn't seem to observe even the basics of weapon safety.
    In previous videos he has said things such as "you don't need hearing protection outside" and seems to be a prime example of things new shooters shouldn't see glamorized...

    As much as I enjoy the show, I feel a little uneasy when I think of all the potential 20-something's at the range with a brand new pistol and a head full of FPSRussia and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare...
  14. I think that's the worst Russian accent I've ever heard. ;)

  15. VCMike

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    What was the object, to prove if you shoot the composite frame the gun wont shoot anymore? Sometimes his videos are funny, this one is not one of my favorites.
  16. DON1962

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    Just what I was thinking! Sounds very much like and American actor trying to sound like a Russian on some TV shows I've seen:D
  17. mikecu

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    He isn't really Russian, his real name is Kyle Myers and he lives in Georgia.
    The accent is him trying to mimic an old employer.
  18. Grabber GT

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    I treat my guns like my car. Always clean and in good working order. As far as the video...I expected the frame to melt in the fire! Ha! Craziness.