Types Of Personality In A Gun Store

Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by PUNISHER, May 8, 2012.

  1. Shep482

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    I might be a border line talker. I catch myself usually. The type that turns me off so to speak is the know it all lurker who is facilitated by the shop attendant. You can spot them because they are leaning on the counter like they live there. Sometimes they're the salesmans buddy. Now I have to be told by two people that my G23C is going to burn my face off.:)

  2. SteveC

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    That was great :D Have seen most of them for sure!
  3. I have seen every single one of those he is talking about. I laughed so hard when I saw these videos.
  4. Danzig

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    The sad thing is I and my buddies would go to a local Gun Shop weekly, shoot the sh*t maybe by guns or supplies just have a good time. They hired a Douchebag and it became a beatdown just going and buying essentials. To top it off I went in and wanted to order a couple of speedloaders for my 629. He tells me there ain't no such thing. I tell him I already have some and he tells me I don't! I tell him to give me the Master catalog and show him the exact item. He shrugged it off and put in the order. I rarely went back after that and even walked out if I saw him at the counter.
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    I am saddened that I think I am the lurker aka a-hole. lol Usually I only think the negative stuff though. I rarely say anything to them. I am so ashamed.
  6. lol Keep em coming guys.
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    Good video .. pretty accurate ... I admit I do like to shoot-the-sh!t .. ( as I love guns and talking about guns .. not allot of people here to do that with) but when I'm "just looking" ... I still come w/ a specific purpose ( ordering or comparing products) I get out of the way for my buddy (that owns the store) to make a sale & then we get back to shooting the sh!t ... :) I drive my wife crazy because I can literally spend hours hanging out w/o noticing.
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    You're not really a lurker if you only think it! Being a sociable talker isn't a bad thing, IMHO, if you aren't taking up the time and space the staff needs to pay proper attention to the customer, especially a newbie who will be intimidated/hesitant. if I stop in to do a little shopping and hang out for a bit to talk I get out of the way and shut up if the owner/staff member has work to do!