This month two Georgia police departments, Senoia and Peachtree City, with a total of more than 80 officers, have elected to get rid of their old guns and move to new ones for a song. Interestingly enough, both picked to go with Glock 9mm's moving away from .40S&W and .45ACP.



The Senoia Police Department is a small department. It has but 13 sworn officers, and 2 civilian employees, but that's Ok because the town of Senoia in rural Coweta County, has a population of just 3500, which makes the PD, as Goldilocks would say, just right.


This department recently announced that they were moving from their existing 14 Glock Model 22 guns in .40S&W, to new 16 Model 17s chambered for 9mm. The trade will cost the city $2,434 in departmental funds, which were left over from a budget for radios. According to the Newnan Times Herald, Glock is giving the city a $300 credit for each of the old guns turned in, making each of the new Model 17s just $152. Which overall isn't bad.

The chief cited the cost of ammunition as the reason for swapping calibers. "Over the past year we have had serious ... difficulties finding .40-caliber ammunition," said Senoia Police Chief Jason Edens. "We have been experiencing anything from six to eight months lead time" on getting their full order of both practice ammunition and "duty" ammo.

Speaking of 9mm the chief says, "It is performing as well as, if not better than, a .40-cal," he said. It's also up to 20 percent cheaper and "it is readily available, which is just very important to us."

Peachtree City

Over in Fayette County, the capitol and largest city is Peachtree City, pop 35,000. Known for its system of golf cart paths which spider across the town and provide a secondary means of access to almost any destination within city limits as well as its high tech industry, the municipality has a modern law enforcement agency in the Peachtree city police department.


These officers work hard, earning Peachtree City the title of 86th Safest City in the Nation and 5th Safest City in Georgia according to Safewise.Com. They have patrol, code enforcement, community policing, professional standards, and traffic departments as well as an active Special Response Team (S.R.T.). The department comprises 68 personnel, all but four of whom are sworn law enforcement. In 2012 their Patrol Division collectively conducted an average of 146.7 "calls" per day.

To keep on top of their game, the PCPD is trading in its old guns for new ones. The department isn't saying just how many guns are involved in the trade, but what is known is that Glock will be accepting the department's current Sig Sauer P220 (.45 caliber) and Glock 27 (.40S&W) models as part of the deal as well as $2,236 in departmental funds in exchange for new Glock 17 and Glock 26 pistols-- both of which are 9mm.

The chief, after evaluation, went with the Glocks for versatility, "We did testing on the range and took all our shooters with large hands, small hands, male and female," Police Chief H.C. "Skip" Clark said.

It was noted that the department does not issue each officer a backup weapon but they can use their own as long as it meets department specifications. With that being said, it can be speculated that the G26's will be for detectives while the 17 will be the standard duty weapon.