Two Gauge Shotgun?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by havasu, Jan 18, 2012.

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    Both of those are sweet.
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    I hate to admit it! But I would love to fire something like the .900! I've shot 2 Bores ,4 and 8 bores. I've owned a 458 Win and 458 Lott. A mate owns a 600 Nitro ,460 Weatherby and a 55 cal Boyes anti tank rifle and I get to shoot them a couple of times a year. Yeah I know I'm probably Mentally defective (but in a nice sort of way :D)
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    I’d have to pass on that. That recoil would be too much for my scrawny ass. I shot another persons .50 automag pistol once and the recoil darn near made the pistol whack me in the forehead. My hands are already more than full shooting a .44 mag.
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    I was surprised on recoil once or twice when I had no knowledge of hurt.first time I shot a heavy 12 g 3 1\2 magnum turkey load I went back and fell on my butt.second was a huge magnum pistol and I was caught snoozing and busted my lip.I'm a pretty smart guy so I figured if i start keeping my arms extended with a gorilla grip all the better.foot and weight placement can also make the difference.when a big gun makes my red eye pucker,I always have a smile on my face afterwards.
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