Two burglars dead after breaking into the home of two Marines.

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  1. kodiak

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    Ha Ha the comments after the article are epic.

  2. The comments on that story are just down right retarded.
    I could never support ignorance, its sad to see some of those people claiming to be in the military talk and conduct them selves like that.
    People like my brother on are their 3 rd tours rights now and you have these dumb ass people making stupid comments.

    Where are those kinds of comments on this story.

    I couldnt find any.
  3. mikecu

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    I think there would be similar comments if there was a way to post comments on the link that you posted.
  4. Levelcross

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    Once again, if they had not broken into someones house they would still be alive today, self induced pain or death. I mean really, if I stick my finger in a fire and get burned is it the fires fault?

    If this had gotten the attention other shootings have lately, then possibly something good would come out of the media.
  5. NvRBanArms

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    They got what they deserve. I thought those comments about Jesse n al pretty much summed it up. If we found out the marines are white. Oh boy, they'll play the card and have extras tucked up their sleeve.
  6. series11

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    The Infantryman wants to make a lot of comments, but I agree with you Levelcross and seriously it is sad they died and couldn't learn from this. It, however, is their fault as they made the choice to break into the house and it so happened to be the wrong house. While it is sad, the facts are there that they commited a crime and they don't have a possibility to do it again to someone else.

    They have both the guilty mind and guilty act in the crime and the Marines did what any person would and/or should do. Whether black, white, red, brown or whatever, if they commit a crime and this happens again I'm not shedding tears as it was their choice to commit a crime.
  7. series11

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    This shouldn't be about the color of skin. It should be two guys broke the law and paid the price for it. Done.

    Our society looks at color and then I believe you are right that if the Marines are white then it is going to be another show. They will play the race card and try to dig up vague comments and other things on the Marines skewing the view that they are racist and get them dishonorably discharged or something of the sort.

    I think they did get what they deserve no matter the skin color but I hate the fact that you know people are going to make it a point in the case ignoring that the two guys commited a crime.
  8. I wouldn't expect anyone to shed a tear.
    They were caught in a place they had no right to be in. Trying to take from someone else that is hard working. So they payed the price for it.
    The comments are the stuff that is stupid. People saying all this race crap when it has nothing to do with it. Hell you cant say what Jessie or someone else would do cause you are introducing the whole damn race argument into the situation! It has nothing to do with this. These are two low life's that were killed for doing something stupid. Just like the low life that almost died in the story I posted. But you wont here no Jessie Jackson Al Sharpton bs for that. No Obama this and that for the same people that have the nerve to end their comments with Semper Fi. What a joke!! Have some class.
  9. NvRBanArms

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    Same here. A crime is a crime. I dont look at skin color and say stuff thats ignorant. I don't care if homer Simpson was in my house stealing food out my fridge. I'd shoot him. But I've seen n heard enough to know, if u r white and kill an African, they will try to nail your balls to the board. Or LEGALLY (sarcastic) round up 10k black men to go get you.