Turn Your Glock 43 into a 43x For $165.00

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by fla9500, Apr 25, 2019.

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  2. Cobalt60

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    I did that with my 43 but I bought my frame off of Gunbroker. Have had no issues with regular ammo, just need to put some defense rounds through and I'll start carrying it.

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  3. muddog15

    muddog15 Member

    No gen 5 marksman barrel though.
  4. Need 43X magazines as well
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  5. Cobalt60

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    I had no issues with the barrel in my Glock 43 using standard target ammo and Federal 147 grain HST. So far no issues with the 43 slide and barrel on my 43X frame using standard target ammo. The auction I bought the second 43X frame included the complete frame, one 43X magazine and case which matched the serial on the frame. Below is a current auction/Buy Now from the same guy I bought from


    As far as magazines I'm good.

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  6. PaPow

    PaPow Well-Known Member Supporter

    You wont get the breech face milled slot either that the G43X/G48 have.
    The G43 does not have that groove milled into the breech face.
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  7. rbbeers

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    For those interested...

    Excerpted from:

    G45 cut out left side of breech face

    Glock slide guide block notch 1b.jpg
    Re: https://www.glocktalk.com/threads/g45-cut-out-left-side-of-breech-face.1726786/page-2#post-26066508

    Glock slide guide block notch 2d.jpg
    Re: https://www.glocktalk.com/threads/g45-cut-out-left-side-of-breech-face.1726786/page-3#post-26068006

    "The spring-loaded extractor pushes live rounds or empty cases to the left under tension, trapping the case rim between the extractor hook on the right and the flat wall on the left side of the breechface on most Glocks. Take the slide off your Glock, remove the barrel, and slide a case rim-first up under the extractor, and you'll see this position and tension demonstrated."

    "On the new G45, the left-side groove (vs the old flat wall) seems to be positioned so the left edge of the case rim is pushed into the groove by the right-side tension of the extractor. I've heard folks say (and I generally agree) that many/most of the problems with weak ejection are related to the empty case being loose enough on the breechface during extraction that it can slide up or down or pull away from the breechface during cycling, making solid contact with the ejector problematic. If this groove holds the case more firmly in the same spot, so it can't be moved during extraction by vibrations or getting bumped upward by the next round coming up out of the mag as the slide retracts, it will greatly improve ejection consistency. And forcing the left-side rim to snap-over the bevel/bump as it ejects would make the ejection more forceful, which seems to be what folks are describing. I could also see this putting more strain on the extractor as it is forced to move to the right sharply during an earlier part of the ejection cycle, so it'll be interesting to see if users get a shorter lifespan out of their extractor or the spring-loaded bearing that "powers" it."

    Re: https://www.glocktalk.com/threads/g45-cut-out-left-side-of-breech-face.1726786/page-3#post-26067656

    Excerpted from:

    New Glock G45

    "Picked up a G45 Friday and immediately had an issue. I was running some dry fire drills using snap caps and noticed it was extremely difficult to manually eject/extract them. I then loaded a magazine with a few different types of live ammunition i.e. Speer, Federal, MEN and experienced the same issue. The rounds will chamber fine but when attempting to manually eject/extract the round, the slide hits a sticking point just before ejection, at that point it takes a considerable amount of force to actually get the round to eject/extract. I disassembled the pistol and inspected it for any noticeable problems. The only thing that was out of the ordinary was a groove/channel machined into the left side of the breech face. I have never seen this on any Glock prior to the G45 including several other gen 5 pistols. After contacting Glock about the issue they sent a prepaid label and I shipped it out yesterday. The Glock rep couldn't tell me anything about the groove without actually seeing the pistol. While I am waiting to hear back from Glock I am curious if any of you G45 owners have the same issue or if your pistol has the same groove/channel. I have attached a picture of the channel/groove for reference, any feedback is much appreciated!"

    Re: https://www.m4carbine.net/showthread.php?209831-New-Glock-G45&p=2665571#post2665571

    "Glock contacted me today, going forward all 9mm pistols will have that notch. The rep told me it was designed to help with the erratic ejection some pistols were having. Have you had any issues clearing the chamber by hand? My pistol was hanging up when performing clearance drills."

    Re: https://www.m4carbine.net/showthread.php?209831-New-Glock-G45&p=2665634#post2665634

    It seems that the little notch 'locks' the spent case against the breechface until it's ejected to reduce (eliminate?) brass-to-face and improve the ejection pattern. :)

    Cool! :cool: :D

    Best regards,

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  8. Southlake

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    Those little notches are important.
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  9. PaPow

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    No doubt, they absolutely are. Aids in feeding and ejection.
  10. PaPow

    PaPow Well-Known Member Supporter

    Thank you Bob,
    i was trying to find some decent pictures like what you posted. Yours are self explanatory ;)
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  11. PaPow

    PaPow Well-Known Member Supporter

    Looks like more of a radius on the new revision, and more of a flat edge on the older design.
  12. Overkill338

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    If I wanted to do bullseye competition, I'd buy a 1911. Glocks are utilitarian, and great at shooting minute of bad guy accuracy very quickly.
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