Tupperware box?

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    First off I am new to this site, Hi all! So i just bought a Glock 17 3rd gen used from a police officer. Gun wasn't shot to much but a lot of wear from being holstered so much. Anyways the gun came in a first gen box which the gentlemen at the gun store referred to as a Tupperware box. He was telling me that they are highly desired and people will pay close to $100 bucks for it. Me personally I like the newer gen cases. But I just wanted to get some opinions on the box, should I hold on to it or sell it. Does anyone have a newer box they would sell or trade.
  2. david1962hd

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    Welcome to the Forum. I too have been thinking about a G17.
    As far as the "Tupperwear Box" I couldn't tell you if it worth anything but, I'm sure you could pick up a newer style on E-bay or from someone here.
    Congrad's on a fine weapon.

  3. Lucian_253

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    I have a Gen 1 G-17 and the Tupperware box. Friends have often tried to buy it from me. I don't know value, but I do know it's a cool part of
    Glock's history. I would keep it, you can buy factory Glock boxes at The Glock Store online. They even sell locking ones
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    Doubtful. I bought two or three from a local gun shop a couple of years ago for $10 each.
  5. GlockNroll

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    Yeah I just did an eBay search, they averaging no more then $20. I was just hoping that guy was right. There is some good deals on the new style cases, I'll probaly get one tonight. Thanks all!