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  1. Glock897

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    Anyone ever try this? Tulammo. It's Russian. Steel case, non corrosive. I got it at walmart for $9.97. An employee there said he has received positive feedback about it. I figured it was worth a shot. Pun intended

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    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    I use it all the time when I am just dumping rounds out in the dessert. Never had a problem with it, but I use American eagle for training.

  3. Ok noob question: What is the difference of training ammo and ammo you dump down range?

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    When I train I want the closest ammo to my carry ammo with out buying more expensive carry ammo. American eagle matches the closest for the price. It is made to tighter tolerances and better materials than tula.
  5. Argyle64

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    Shoot it and buy up as much as you want. I've had zero problems with Tula in the past.
  6. Tape

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    good stuff
  7. glocknloaded

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    I haven't tried Tula in my Glock but my AR eats up steel cased ammo with no problems so I may try it in my glock next
  8. JKB

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    I've had one ftf and one stovepipe jam with Tula in my g26. My ruger sr9c hates it.
  9. garyb

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    that is the ammo of choice between my buddies and I, we have had no problems, and I can afford to shoot more
  10. ballcoach16

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    Love Tula in my AR And glock 30sf. sR9c ate it up too when I owned it. Bodyguard 380 hates it.
  11. rickjames

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  12. odgreen

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    My husband had gotten these and when I noticed they were Russian I told him I didn't want to shoot them. Im sure they are good but I can't in good conscience, having escaped a communist country to live in the US pay money to buy Russian ammo when I can just as easily buy American made. The extra dollar is not going to make a difference.
  13. series11

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    Interesting point of view, but I understand it. The country I was born in still has communist and marxist groups trying to take over.
  14. david1962hd

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    Now that is true Patriotism!!! Good for You!!!
  15. glocknloaded

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    Just out of curiosity what country are you from?
  17. Eye_Peeled

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    The country I was born in also has communist and marxist trying to take over.
  18. bhale187

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    still waiting on my Jack Ross reloads to come. If they work out well that will be my new go-to ammo, if not I'll probably turn back to Tula or whatever is on sale when I am stocking up
  19. glocknloaded

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    May I ask what country?
  20. glocknloaded

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    I really want to try them but I am so impatient