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Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by GBob, May 19, 2012.

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    I am considering converting my 27 into a 26. That will involve replacing the extractor depressor plunger, spring, and spring loaded bearing, the extractor, ejector, and conversion barrel. I will use the conversion barrel for the 23 so as to give me increased muzzle velocity and a quick visual reinforcement that this is now a 9mm gun. It goes without saying that I will use Glock 9mm mags.

    My question to you good people is would you trust your life on this conversion? The only two possible issues would be the conversion barrel I chose and the slightly larger breech face of the slide. I've heard Hickok45's view and read Massad Ayoob's and they both seem to be at opposite end.

    You may say to me, “why not just use a standard 26?” Well, I like the idea of having a versatile gun and it would not be that expensive to change out the parts. My concern is reliability and trust.
  2. If you want guranteed reliability, spend the extra $ and buy a 26 in addition to the 27 rather than spend $ on parts for a conversion. If you're just looking to make a FrankenGlock for fun, don't expect it to work exactly like a factory made one.

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    I all ready own a 26. All parts changed would be OEM with exception to the conversion barrel. All parts would come in at about $150.00 including shipping. So it's all fairly cheap.

    Glocks come to us for the most part from the factory with the reliability that we would expect to defend our lives. Many of us change out various parts and still depend on the gun in our most dire need. We all have our personal reasons for changing parts. It's easy to do and that is part of the fun of owning a Glock.

    I think I've covered all the bases with respect to ejection and extraction. My concern is with the larger breech face and conversion barrel.

    So you feel it would not be reliable. Thank you for your reply.
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  4. Anytime. That's what forums are for after all.
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    Why change all of them parts? I have a 27 & a 23 all I do is drop in my conversion barrel and go.

    500 + rounds and no issues. I even load 9mm In my .40 mags.

    I guess if you are going to use it as a CCW I would at least buy the 26 mags.

    In my experience you don't need to change out all of them parts.

    I only use my conversion barrel as a cheaper way to shoot at the range. I would never carry my sidearms with conversion barrels. It only takes one mishap to change everything in your life.
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    ditto, since the 9 and 40's base is almost identical what Gm says is truth.
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    As I posted, I all ready own a 26. The reason for changing out those parts is to create a reliable ejecting and extracting gun. The kind of weapon that one could trust to CC.

    I understand that many of you just drop in a conversion barrel and use the appropriate mags to use at the range. I am just curious if going that extra bit would it eliminate your fears of CC that 27.
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    Well I'm sure if you took the extra steps it would be.