Truglo TFX

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  1. lonestarman

    lonestarman Member

    Who has em? Like em? Pics?
    Thinking about getting a set.

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  2. ashade07

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  3. pineirorl

    pineirorl TI_in_Yosemite

    I have them on my Shield 9 and Glock 17; really like them...
  4. Glock19XDS9mm

    Glock19XDS9mm Active Member

    Don't care for them. Sights like that are useless if it doesn't allow you to fully focus on that front sight.

    Night or day it's easy for your eyes to get lost between the three dots and harder to remain focused.

    I suggest either big dots or blacked out rears with an orange front sight.

    Ameriglo idots or cap sights would be my suggestion.

    My 26 had green rears with a red front sight fiber optic. The red front helped but still the green rear was a distraction at times. Changed them out recently.
  5. I've had TFO's on a pair of Glock 19's for 7 years and still going strong. No complaints on quality.

    That said, I'm getting away from bright rear sights as I find them distracting. YMMV.
  6. Greg43

    Greg43 New Member

    Installed today, then went to the range. Accuracy improved, no question. Plus I think they look pretty cool.

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  7. Airgunner353

    Airgunner353 New Member


    I have the tfx pro's but I like the trijicons better. I switched and now I have no current use for them. Anyone interested in buying them from me? IMG_4944.jpg IMG_4945.jpg
  8. Sixgun63

    Sixgun63 Member

    I run the tfx pro set on my g19 gen 4 & like them a lot I took off the xs big dot set just sitting in my safe didn't care for the big dot its personal preference.
  9. lonestarman

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  10. MDHolts

    MDHolts New Member

    I had TFX Pros on my CZ. Loved the sights, the gun was a horrible disappointment.
  11. andyo5

    andyo5 New Member

    I have them on my G26 and love them. I see better and shoot better with them.
  12. I want them for my Gen 4 35. .Price and install costs have been the problem. Christmas is coming!
  13. SeventiesWreckers

    SeventiesWreckers Load Bearing Wall

    I've had then on my G21 Gen 4 since 2012, and they work fine in reduced light, or after full dark. The G21 is setup as a HD night gun though. I like the HiViz front posts for bright daylight on some of my others.

  14. andyo5

    andyo5 New Member

    I have them on both my Glocks and like them. If you buy from Glockmeister, they will install for free. They did for me.
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    MWJOHNSON Republic Of Texas & 50K Contest Winner Member Supporter

    SE Texas
    I have the TFX pro on all my Glocks & love 'em
  16. Dee7976

    Dee7976 New Member

    Great pictures. I personally like a blank black rear sight. Do the TruGlow come with a black rear sight? If so can someone link it? Thanks.
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  17. Southlake

    Southlake Salt Life Staff Member Moderator Lifetime Supporting Member

    I have mixed opinions on black sights. At the range, they are great. At night, not so much.
  18. thomas63

    thomas63 Member

    I bought some Truglo TFX pros for my Glock 34. I installed them and really like their performance outside. Accuracy was very good and the site's lined up perfectly. I put them on my Glock 19 and the gun shoots 6 inches high at 20 feet. According to Truglo the sights are made for Glock 19 and 34 guns? The good thing is that they were just going to be on the 19 temporary, so I took them off and put them back on the Glock 34. I have a Crimson Trace rail Laser Now on my Glock 19 that I really like. Anybody have the same results moving these particular sites from a Glock 34 to a g19?
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