TruGlo TFO fail!

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  1. I knew when I bought these that this could happen. These have around 2k rounds on them and I noticed while cleaning tonight after the range trip today that the front tube was backing out. I know they are replacable but it still sux. It wont come all the way out but is loose.
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    Ouch. And you paid how much again?

  3. Do you ask that when someones gun fails to? ;)
  4. The down side to this is the coincidence of using a new cleaning product for the first time. It may have trashed the adhesive in the front sight. Guess that's what happens when you step away from your normal tried and true methods of doing anything.

    I have yet to find one positive TruGlo customer service comment in any of my searches last night or this morning. Guess it's time to try one of the many other sights I've had my eyes on.
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    Sorry to hear about the site!!! I was looking at them myself, but I'm not now...
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    Damn, that sucks.

    I've always had great luck with Mepros, the set on my USP are 13 years old and still glow as bright as brand new Trijicons on my Duty Glock 22.
  7. I really hate to give up on them because they work so dang good.{when they're not falling apart:rolleyes:}
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    Good to know...I was just looking at those yesterday at the gun shop. I may have to keep searching...
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    Heh, no. When a gun fails, it's usually (not always) because the gun is known to fail, or a fault of (reloaded) ammunition. In the former, I'd say "ouch, that sucks, man" but deep inside I say "neener-neener-neener". In the case of the latter, I'd say "there's a first aid kit in the car. do you want me to call an ambulance or are you good to drive?", but deep insidie I say "idiot, can't you read maximum pressure loading warnings and charge guidelines?" :p

    In regards to your sight, I was thinking of getting TruGlos if I saw any I like at today's GunShow. I'd love tritiums, but I clean with ultrasonics and I succeeded in destroying one pellet on my B-92G.

    Sorry, bud. Consider it tuition, I guess. That sucks.
  10. Just for entertainment I will contact TruGlo tomorrow to see what they say and report back.
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    Hey, that'd be interesting to learn, what they will do to make it right by you, I mean.
  12. I've read nothing but negative postings all morning. Some reported having to send their slides to them.....NOT HAPPENING from me over a sight.

    Hoping that GT Distributors will help me out since that's where I bought them. They normally have great customer service.
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    Oh, well, if that happens, there's always duct tape and superglue :D

    But seriously, I'd like to know what happens and how you end up fixing it.
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    Im sure you tried but got to ask, they won't carefully push back in with out breaking the tube?
  15. I can move the tube back and forth about 1/32-1/16" but it won't go all the way in.
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    Those are great sites, you mentioned contacting truglo. I think that's a good idea too rather then give to much effort pushing them in break them and ruin a chance of them fixing them.
  17. Ya but I've read nothing but negative stuff this morning and this happens A LOT to truglo's.
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    That sucks. I was thinking of getting them for my 27. Guess it will be Mepros.
  19. Well, who needs TruGlo's customer service when you have GT Distributors?

    Walked in, counter dude asked me if I needed anything, I mentioned I bought the TruGlo's there and the front tube was loose. I had the receipt folded up in my hand. He looked at the sight and imediately truned around opened a new package then took the slide to the back and swapped it out w/o even looking at the receipt or knowing how long ago I purchased them. AWESOME service right there. I asked if maybe he should make note on the receipt of the date the swap was done just in case and he told me "nah....we'll take care of you". AWESOME.

    I may just for educational purposes and the benefit of other members TruGlo just to see what they say and how fast they respond. They don't have a phone number for the general public just email contact.

    Once again, I can't keep saying enough about GT Distributors.
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    ....Very nice