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I've got the Trijicon sights on my G21 and love them. They have just enough illumination in the dark, and pretty visible sight picture in normal light. I also like the fact that they are about the same size as factory sights.
I have the Trijicon HD night sights on my G21 all so and love them. Very bright at night so it is really easy to pick up on the 3 glowing green dots in pitch darkness. The orange front is easy to pick up in the day light and I really like the U shape in the rear sight. I see more of the front sight like that. An they are full metal with a 12 year warranty on the tubs. There is a reason why the military has a contract with Trijicon. ;)

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If you do go with Trijicon's, shop around cause some places have them cheaper then others.;)


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