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Trigger reset, any one shoot like this?

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Maybe this has been already discussed.

Does everyone know their Glock has a trigger reset of aprox. .25". I can't hold my tape measure perfect but from what I can tell its aprox between .180 and .25"

For those who are not aware of a trigger reset, of course make sure your gun is unloaded. Dry fire leaving your finger in full trigger pull, rack the slide then let off the trigger until you hear, feel the click. That is trigger reset you don't have to go all the way out to the safety positions.
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Yup. Great for double tap..
I learned that early on. Cuts off about a quarter of my time in a competition! Two shots on target, move, two shots...I have gotten much quicker once I started employing the trigger reset.
One of the benefits of having a FIL that is retired LEO, I learned to shoot with the trigger reset and practice dry fire and draws with it regularly.
Yup...learned it and live it !
I've been taught this since my father had his. He has owned a g22 for 15 years.
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