Trigger on my new Glock 34

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by DurbanvilleDad, Aug 6, 2016.

  1. DurbanvilleDad

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    Hi everyone

    I have really enjoyed being on the forum and have already learnt a ton from all the different threads. I am based in Cape Town, South Africa.

    So I just got my new Glock 34 for competition, initially NPA and PPC and later for IDPA and 3 Gun. I have put 150 factory rounds through the gun over three separate occasions. I have noticed the slide loosen up and now feeling a lot smoother and more like my other friend's Glocks. Very happy about that.

    The question is about the trigger, It does not feel light or smooth compared to some of the other older (read: run in) pistols that I have felt. The trigger has quite a bit of pre travel and feels "stagey". Will this loosen up like the slide did? Not sure what to do here. Should I take it to a local gunsmith to polish things up to make it smoother? Also not sure about fitting a lighter spring, I have read enough on light strikes to be cautious on this. Then there is also replacing it with a competition trigger like the ZEV, which we get in these parts.

    I am not against after-market parts, but I would like to get the gun functioning optimally before I spend proper money and turn it into a race gun.

    I would really appreciate any help or comments. Thanks in advance. :)
  2. Gandof

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    Dry fire the devil out of your Glock. Then put that all important drop of oil on the connector. The trigger will smooth out a lot with use. I'd stay away from the lighter striker springs. It's an easy way to lighten up the trigger, but light strikes can be a problem. If you decide to lighten the trigger more, go with the 2.5# ZEV connector and a good polish on the internals. I think you'll find it to your liking.
    Good choice on the 34, enjoy!

  3. GlockGuide

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    Does the box your G34 came in have a blue label or red label? Blue Label (special programs like 1st responders and GSSF) Glocks all have 5.5# connectors in them. Red label (retail) G34s have the minus 4.5# connector.

    I'd recommend sticking with it for awhile. You really haven't even shot the gun yet. Besides, starting out with a heavier trigger will force you to get your trigger control correct. If you decide to go lighter later, you'll be way ahead of the game.
  4. NUB2Glocks

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    My 34 us set up as follows and it is 100% reliable.
    Zev Tech V4 Race Connector (polished)
    Zev Tech Competition Springs (except for the striker spring)
    *As stated above, if you put too light of a striker spring, you run into the issue of light primer strikes. If you leave the stock striker spring you wont have any issues. My Glock eats anything I throw at it and has a very crisp/sweet trigger.
  5. NUB2Glocks

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    Great group of people here.
  6. Silver-Bolt

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    Check your competition rules before you spend money on mods. 150 rounds is not broken in. Get a few thousand through it before you start modding. Learn the gun as is before you spend money on mods. A G34 got me started in USPSA in the Limited class. It was a great inexpensive way to try out competitive shooting.
  7. lasco

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    Just take out the minus connector and put in a dot connector. Search ebay or your local gunsmith. The oem minus connector in a gen 4 gives you that stage feeling. The oem dot connector breaks earlier than the minus. You wont regret it.
  8. GPerfection

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    Mine was a red label with minus connector 4.5#, I polished connecting points and installed a 3.5# Ghost connector and it pulls at about 4# which works for me since I'm not in competitions. My new G19 had a DOT connector rated a 5#.
  9. 40caljim

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    The G34/35 Blue Labels used to come with 3.5 connectors but they got away from that some years ago. Now it seems all of them come with 4.5 connectors. But that is an easy and inexpensive fix. As mentioned the Zev Tech race connectors is one of the most popular ones on the market.