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Trigger Jobs

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So I have read and read, and there seems to be two distinct views new triggers vs trigger jobs. So which one is better or is it better to start worth he trigger job Nd work you way into a trigger kit?
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Do it all at once... this way you only have the piece apart once and you can re learn trigger control all at once instead of having to learn it multiple times. Do your springs at the same time. NY trigger kit and springs to bring everything together.

2.5 FTMFW!!!

Of course... just my opinion.
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What would you all recommend for trigger kits? All all in one or pieces I. E springs and Trigger control plate or some company that sales a whole drop in kit?

Ps thanks for your help!!!! I'm a. New Gen4 19 owner!
from my studies....:rolleyes: the kits consist of: a 4 or 5lb reduced stiker spring,(lighter springs needs an ultra light weight striker because of light primers hitting) reduced power firing pin safety spring, high polished ffiring pin safety, an extra powered trigger spring, a polished 3.5lb connector and some way to prevent over travel. Delux high dollar kits include a new trigger/bar set up.

On mine, I polish the crap out of everything and install factory 3.5 connectors and use "Super Lube" synthetic grease. This works for me.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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