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trigger control

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Hi guys I'm kind of new to the pistol world, I just got my ccw permit in Jan and went out and bought my first pistol the day after my permit stoves at my house. A G23 gen3! I love it, however I seem to be pitching a lot of shots to the left. I have got 900 rounds thru it already, I absolutely love this gun I never leave home without it. I was hoping some of you other glock owners could give me some pointers with trigger control, thanks.
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Welcome to the Glock Forum Burrito !!

Your thread has been moved to the Introductions sub forum...
Did I post in the wrong place?
That chart should help, and welcome to the forum Burrito
Did I post in the wrong place?
Yea, it was in the Announcements & Support sub big deal !!
Welcome to the forum!!!
Thanks a bunch I like the chart
Welcome to the Glock Forum! That is a useful chart posted above!
Welcome to the forum, Burrito. Lots of range time, lots of practice and listening to the great folks'll be zero'd in in no time. As far as starting a thread in the wrong place, I do that too. Gives Shooter something to do!! ;) Kidding, Shooter....kidding.
Yea...keep the mod busy !! :D
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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