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    Does the 3.5 lb connector alone reduce the trigger pull or do you need to buy other things for that to happen if so what will I need?
  2. The connector alone won't bring you to 3.5.......more like 4.5. You would also need the Wolfe 6 pound spring to get you to almost 3.5.

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    or get a Glockworx V4(2#) connector.
  4. Is that one you've personally tried? I have not tried that one. If so how does it compare to others?
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    I think I 've tried all the connectors and the Glockworx V3,V4 are my favorite.I'm in the minority though.Most haven't tried them.I think the 2# label scares them.In reality though,in an otherwise stock Glock it is maybe 3.3-3.9#.It has the lightest and especially the crispest pull of the connectors I've tried.
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  6. How is the feel of the reset? Is it a positive "click" or is it mushy like the Ghost 3.5? Is the trigger pull mushy like the Ghost?
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  8. I'm willing to try it myself......just ordered one.:cool:
  9. I will, I'm still running Ghost in a few so I will have something to compare to........BUT I just recently learned/figured something out I didn't know before about the bend of any connector.
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    Ok cool just ordered them. Thanks guys!!
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    That's awesome! I may pick one of these up to give it a try.
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    I might give it a try also.
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    @Mike....tell us!
  14. It's almost embarrassing. Some if not a lot may already know. I never actually checked out the installation instruction section of Ghost's site until recently.....never felt the need I just assumed like many that every connector except for the rocket was a drop in/plug and play part. If you haven't already seen it go here to section II......

    What I did learn from reading and checking into it myself is that not all connectors nor trigger housings are the exact same. A connector that may fit/work perfect in one weapon may not work so well in another. While some may very well indeed be drop in, fact is some if not most aren't and need to be fitted to the gun. None of the weapons I've tried or ran Ghost 3.5's in felt all the same. Now I know why. I was able to tweak the ones I thought weren't that great into feeling waaaaay better BUT I still have a feeling that the Ghost 3.5`are "mushy" feeling on the pull and the reset. I like my reset's to be very positive with a very audible click/feel.

    Another thing I learned from this is even the factory Glock connectors are in the same boat. If you move one from gun to gun they may not exactly fit the same. With some sitting flush against the trigger housing in one weapon but move it to another weapon and it may fit exactly like it should based on the link posted above.

    All of this really came into play when I sent the one Gen4 back in December. Along with erratic ejections another complaint I had was the positive feel of the reset would actually come and go. Once the weapon came back and I took it apart I realized the connector was bent outward more so than any I personally ever messed with. That being said it fits exactly like the link above claims it should. When I sent it in the factory connector sat flush into the groove on the trigger housing. I did not call Glock to ask them about that and thought maybe they did that just to satisfy my complaint. Well after reading Ghost's page recently now I understand COMPLETELY. I confirmed that by checking other stock connectors and playing around with a few other guns.

    I'm anxious to try the V4 connector after hearing someones opinion who has tried most all of them and knowing what I know now.

    I will never install another connector with out checking/tuning them like described in the link above. I will also be checking any of my friends weapons that are running after market connectors because several have expressed having the same "mushy" feel to them.

    Any of the many "Glock Armorer's" on this site want to chime in?

    Sorry for the long winded explanation, once I got going I was on a roll........:cool:
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    When I got my first Glockworx connector(V3),I installed it and the trigger wouldn't release the striker.I remembered seeing a thread on another site about the Ghost instructions.So I bent the connector outwards a little and it worked fine.I've shot over 1500 rounds with it since(along with a spring kit and a .25 job) without issue.
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    Thanks, Mike, I had no idea about this!:( Good info to have on hand!

    Again, thanks for sharing!
  17. Form your own opinion as I have because I'm not saying I'm right or wrong. I just telling you what I think I have learned about it.
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    Very curious of your impression of the V4 when you get it.
  19. I put a 3.5-pound connector in my G26 and I love it! It does not reduce the pull to 3.5 pounds by itself, but it does make a noticeable, nice reduction.