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    I wondering if anyone has heard of a hex screw adjustment for triggers? At a gun show last weekend there was a vender/ armor selling a trigger assembly for Glocks that can be adjusted with a hex screw. He calms it will make it softer or firmer on the pull. He was selling the assembly for about $ 25.00. For me it sounded to good to be true. Any help.
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    If he's referring to this "hex screw" on the trigger assembly.. I believe it doesn't make the trigger pull softer or firmer. It shortens the overtravel when you pull the trigger. It's not a drop-in trigger assembly. It needs to be tuned. Changing of connector will soften or harden your trigger pull. It's a fair price. It cost $19 @ Lonewolf Dist + shipping.

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    I prefer to order direct from ZEV. Glock Vector industries. I put one in with a ghost rocket 3.5 and my over travel is a dead stop n my trigger breaks like glass
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    Same here man, except I used a lone wolf industries on mine. I love the ghost rocket 3.5 and the adjustable trigger. You can do some interesting things to your glocks these days, atleast I am. :cool:
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    Completely agree with you there. It's a true all purpose gun now