Tried out new TruGlow TFO sights on G30 yesterday

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  1. Put 150 rounds through the G30SF yesterday, first time shooting it since getting a set of TruGlow TFO sights on it earlier in the week (got green in the front sight post, yellow in the back).

    Shot pretty well, and really liked the higher visibility of the TFO's. It'll take some more getting used to the different sight picture, but the new sights appear to have been installed correctly and are in alignment. Was able to hit bullseyes at 10 yards somewhat regularly.

    For those who use White Hat Holsters IWB system, the TFO sights do rub the kydex sheath, but they do not cause the gun to get trapped on the kydex when drawing.

    Overall very happy with the new sights! Would recommend :)
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    Does it look like it would wear on the sights bad? I'm planning on getting TFO put on my 19 but I was wondering how it was going to fit in my White Hat Holster.