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  1. gladesbassin

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    Anyone do any airline travel to other parts of the country (untied states) with firearms? What's the process like to declare a firearm? (Of course only to reciprocated states)

    I usually travel once a year to fish and hike but I'll usually leave my firearms behind to refrain from the extra hindrance in the check in process.
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  2. Dark Knight

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    Check with airline but first locked case ammo in oraginal package. Walk up to check suite Case tell them you have a firearm they check it and off you go usually. It’s actually fairly easy
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  3. Danzig

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    Each airline has their own protocol. Always call and verify. Get names. There are videos of people following airlines instructions and still getting hassled and worse.
    It’s not supposed to be hard but you have some dumbasses sometimes.
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  4. Southlake

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    Find a friend on the other side that will loan you one of his.
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  5. HJB

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    I never travel with a firearm. Just don't want the hassle for a few days somewhere different and mostly we travel to Hawaii and California, and those people are not real firearm friendly anyway. I don't think they reciprocate with LTC from Texas anyway.
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  6. gladesbassin

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    Wish I had buddies in places like that but unfortunately I don't lol
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  7. gladesbassin

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    Im with you on that, I work on the cargo side of one of the international airports (one that did have a mass shooting) down here and although I don't travel through our benefits program I still feel like I have to represent my company in a good way. Im not saying firearms are anything bad of course but to refrain from any unneeded problems I've just traveled with no weapons.

    I have been in situations out in the woods while fishing in Colorado in bear county where I felt a little uneasy. So that is why I brought this up to see if anyone has experience with the whole situation. I don't travel to places that don't respect our firearm rights
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  8. HJB

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    Well, if I was going fishing in bear country, I would definitely have to be carrying some defensive firearms. But, I don't ever do that kind of travel so it's not an issue for me. Anyone who is doing that really needs it for personal safety in my opinion.
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  9. gladesbassin

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    I can understand that thought process, and even though I've been there multiple times without incident I know there's always a chance. I've never seen a bear while fishing just tracks but obviously that means they are somewhere around. I'll be looking into it next time I travel out of state. Appreciate everyone's response
  10. Lucian_253

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    Make sure your locks are TSA approved!
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  11. gladesbassin

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    Most definitely, I got to much clearance to be getting busted by tsa for something or for them to have to break into my case.
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  12. JGeddos

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    I’ve flown from Texas to California and back many times on Southwest with a G19 and G23. Just be sure your magazines are 10-round and no higher. Locked hard case inside checked suitcase. Declare your firearm at the ticket counter. Fill-out the declaration card close up the suitcase and good to go. A few times TSA has escorted me to a separate room and “swabbed” the inside and outside of the suitcase and then escorted me through security check. In and out of Las Vegas has been the easiest.
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  13. RevV

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    I’ve flown with a pistol in my suitcase a few times. The most important things are to call the airline, follow their instructions, make sure your locks are TSA approved, be sure your locked box cannot be pried open, and treat the TSA agents as if the life of your firearm is in their hands because it is!
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  14. RevV

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    Oh and declare what is in your possession as soon as you check in.
  15. NavyVet1959

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    I have flown to quite a few different places in the US with a firearm. *Getting* there is usually not a problem if you are flying from a free state, but coming back could be a problem if you flew to one of the leftist controlled areas like NYC. When I flew to NYC, I chose to ship the frame of my firearm back via UPS so that I didn't have to declare a firearm to the airline. There are too many horror stories about people being arrested by the Port Authority up there -- even cops who were flying with their guns checked in their luggage. It was just not worth the risk. According to federal law, if you are traveling from one place where you are allowed to have your firearm to another place where you are also allowed to have it, then it is legal to transport said firearm there even if some of the intermediate states do not allow you to possess that firearm in those areas. It just needs to be properly secured. So, let's say you are traveling from Houston to Vermont, but you decided to fly into NYC or Newark and drive the rest of the way. According to federal law, that would be legal, but the leftists in NYC and Newark refuse to recognize federal law and will most likely arrest you when you try to do the return trip since you have to declare your firearm at the NYC / Newark airport prior to the return flight. Just not worth the risk as far as I'm concerned. I try to avoid these leftist areas as much as possible.

    Flying from a free state to another free state is a non-issue on both legs of the trip. Sometimes, when you check in your luggage and declare it, the ticket agent will look at the firearm to ensure it is unloaded, sometimes, someone else will be called to do it, sometimes, you will be routed to another area of the airport to have it done. I once had a trip where one leg of it was between San Francisco and Hawaii. I seem to remember that I had to go to some remote area that was quite a distance from the ticket counter in order to have the firearm container "checked". Which was kind of strange since he didn't even bother to open up the case. You don't want to use a "TSA Approved" lock on you gun case or the bag that the gun case is in. This is one case where you should use some other type of lock. The TSA is supposed to contact you for the key or combination. It seems that if you field strip the handgun and leave the pieces clearly separated in your gun case, then the x-ray machine will give them a clear enough view that they don't ask you for the key/combination to open up the case. Although it is possible to legally carry loaded magazines as long as they are properly encased in a mag pouch that covers the opening to the mag, this is subject to too much interpretation by the TSA agents, so I avoid it and just use the plastic ammo reloading cases for ammo storage. The regulation says that "manufacturer containers" are acceptable, but I have to wonder if the person who wrote that ever noticed that there is quite the assortment of "manufacturer containers". I've bought ammo in manufacturer containers that were basically just a bunch of loose rounds in a heavy paper box.

    Each airline has published rules on checking firearms and the TSA has it's own rules. The airlines will often have limits on how many pounds of ammunition you can fly with. I've never had an airline actually weigh my ammunition and I've probably been over their limit a bit at times.
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  16. Silver-Bolt

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    If possible fly Alaska Airlines. They allow up to 50lbs of ammo and very easy to deal with. Most all other airlines it's 11lbs of ammo. Invest in a tracking chip and place it inside your gun case. If possible place it inside your gun. This will allow you to track exactly where your gun is. They are cheap and many versions available. The basic process has federal guidelines and the rest is the airline's own rules. Pretty simple. Gun is a locked case (two locks required) ammo has to be in either factory boxes or other boxes designed for ammo (reloaders). Magazines can be loaded but not inserted in the gun. Guns and ammo can be in the same case. Gun must be unloaded. If they ask you to open the gun case immediately ask for a supervisor. Under no circumstances should the case be opened in the airport in public. They will likely direct you to the oversized baggage check area. There they will swab for explosives and then send it on it's way. I use Pelican cases and place those inside a generic looking back so the Pelican cases are not visible. Knock on wood, to date I have not had any issues. I do avoid the commie states unless my bag is checked through. One more addition. Go to the your particular airline's website and print their firearms rules and take it with you.
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  17. Greywood

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    I use a pelican case that's TSS approved along with locks and never had an issue. The one thing that I always tell people is never ever give the people that check your luggage the key! Even if they say they just need to open the case for a second! They are not allowed to do that!
    It does happen!
    I've also heard of people shipping thier gun from a FFL in thier home state to an FFL in the state where they are going.? I've never tried it or looked into it,but it maybe an option?
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  18. wrpNYFL

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    Flew from FL to GA on Delta with 4 Glocks, an Advantage Arms conversion kit, 250 rounds of 9mm and 200 of .22. All together in a Pelican case with ammo in original packaging. Easy check in. Just go to the special services desk , sign an unloaded gun form. Put it in the case, lock it back up, take it to get scanned then pick up at oversized baggage claim on the other end.
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