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**Sale Pending**

Looking to trade my new-ish G36 for a G26. It's fired 200 shots max and is in great shape. However, I did take some sandpaper to round the trigger guard near the handle (MUCH more comfortable) and also reduce the finger humps slightly and the mag release. I also glued in a frame plug (it kept vibrating out with use). Glock 36 has glock night sights, factory extended slide lock. I have many accessories including a 3.5 ghost trigger (and the original), up to 5 magazines (2 with Pearce 0 extensions) depending on trade, one leather OWB holster with mag holster . Oh, and a fobus paddle holster (not recommended).

Also: There is some rub marks from the Fobus holster on the right side of the slide. Not enough to show up in the pictures, but I thought I'd disclose this blemish. I inserted it in that holster once - again, I don't recommend the Fobus holster. Just sayin.

I'm looking for a gen 3 Glock 26 in good shape, preferably a bit older. Some mods may be okay. Please let me know what you have and we can work something out.

Thanks for looking!

Another option: Will sell pistol with two magazines for $450 + $40 shipping. Sheaths, more mags and such are extra.

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