Tosh O is an ass

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  1. I have always found that show retarded, but flipping through just now he was on an aggressive anti gun rant. What an ignorant ass that guy is. He actually said that our guns are useless and sit in the night stand until our kids eventually use it to kill themselves. Called the constitution irrelevant and said the first amendmant should be used to tell believers of the second that they are "****ing idiots". People like this need an ass kicking. Whoput this guy on camera jesus.
  2. Did you see the episode where he had that Tex dude from you tube on there? The one that shot himself on film at the range.

  3. Nope. I never watch him i was flipping by
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    check it out
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    Love that show lol
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    definately don't agree with his anti-gun rant, but that video was some funny stuff. sure the majority of hollywood don't agree with my views, but i still need some enterntainment. i do find it laughable in itself that you're so opionated about toshs' gun views but neglect to comment on him encouraging to shoot a picture of Jesus.
  7. i didn't see this particular show. My wife and I thought this guy was funny but his comedy is what's irrelevant now. Screw tosh.o. He's gayer than a bag of dicks anyway.
  8. From the sounds of it I think the OP{nukin'} just caught the beginning of this very episode but didn't watch the entire clip.
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    aw come on mods. you deleted my last post. i put alot of thought into it. :D
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    Tosh was pretty anti-gun in the Tex Grebner episode, about as anti-gun as it gets. Granted what he said was probably written by one of the show's writers, but he was happy to say it.

    Since that episode I just can't enjoy that show anymore.
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    Tosh is a **** and his video was in poor taste.
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    He is always an a-hole.
  13. I clearly said I don't watch him and only caught a part of it. Besides, why in the world would I support shooting a picture of Jesus? Ya know, because that is a great image for gun lovers and all.