Top reasons citizens do not carry handguns

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    This is an interesting thread I stumbled upon and is a great topic. Something that concerns me is folks who get a CC and they don't use it. They wanted it just to have it. Do these individuals stay proficient with their firearms? Should there be a requirement that if you do CC you need to take a proficiency test every few years? If you want the responsibility to carry then you need to be just as proficient as the police. You wanted and accepted the responsibility so you should earn the right to keep it and use it!

    Just my thoughts!
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    Since you brought the dead back to life, I'd like to point out that also in Georgia a CCW includes carrying larger locking SD knives as well which is why my g/f is using until she can afford to purchase her cc weapon. As far as my excuse weapons aren't allowed in my work van and I only have a select few shirts that are long enough for me to cc with. Working on purchasing more XLT shirts to match my long torso

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    You realize that in general police are not proficient with a firearm. That carrying a firearm for self defense is completely different than as a law enforcement officer.

    As a CCW/ CHL holder you have absolutely no responsibility to act in defense of others and no authority to enforce law.

    I love how people on these forums get so upset when someone 'might' infringe on their rights, that they completely ignore the rights of others, as a property owner, I have the right to deny you access to my property armed (you may not go to jail, but you have a moral and ethical responsibility to respect that right). If I have a CHL, I get to choose when and if I carry, it's none of your business but I will guarantee that I have more training and more experience than the vast majority of people on this forum. Do I need to carry my piece everyday to maintain my skill? No. I've got enough experience that I can drill without it, it's called muscle memory, try it

    Don't worry about what others are doing. Worry about yourself and the world is much easier to manage.

  4. Many people get their carry permits because it allows them some leeway when it comes to transporting firearms to and from the range. Especially in states where you can not legally keep ammo and a firearm in the same container - unless you have a carry permit.
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    Just to respond (if you were speaking to me directly). I was not upset and felt no one was infringing on my rights. My point was there are a small minority that get a CC but don't use it. That is their right my concern is in a DEFENSIVE situation are they proficient enough to use the right that was given to them safely. You have to remember I'm in NY where is is a different world when your speaking about gun carry. I will worry about others, as they have a responsibility to be as proficient with a firearm as I am. I do appreciate your thoughts but I think you may have taken my post out of context. If you have vast training and ability, that's good your not the one we need to worry about.

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    I really don't like the idea of open carry ! I think it's a foolish thing to do. I like the element of surprise if I ever get into a situation were I need the use of deadly force !
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    Oops sorry wrong thread lol :-/ that comment was for a recent thread I was on
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    i hope i don't sound like an ******* with how cut and dry i make this sound... but.....

    if you're carrying a compact gun, very well concealed... just like people on the street-- the should have NO idea you are carrying. i mean don't carry a fullsize in a shoulder holster or anything.... but a compact in aiwb shouldn't be a problem?
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    Don't forget the 33 guys. It's the same size as the 26 and 27 ;)

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