Top reasons citizens do not carry handguns

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    My woman of 4 years doesn't approve. She has gone to the range with me and actually shot and knows that I'm into guns. Over the years she has bumped into it, hug me and felt it and things like that and She'll say, "Why do you need that?" I try not to bother her with it and just quietly carry.
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    So you're not a law abiding concealed carry license holder. When you get fired for having a gun at work, and you will be caught one day, you will do us all a disservice. You will also have a heck of a time finding a new job. Your interview, when you get one will probably go something like this

    Boss: why did you leave your last position
    you: I was exercising my god given right to carry my gun on private property, ignoring their stupid policy in deference to my right
    Boss: we'll be in touch.

    When I'm at home I don't carry at work because it's a felony. I like my rights, teach my students about theirs and will always follow the law. I've been outed when I am carrying by all kinds of folks during a quick hug. The responses are always different, but former students never seem surprised.

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    I have this argument with my friend all the time. He carries at work even though it's a properly posted gun free zone. He carries in all gun free zones. I don't. I've had a run in with the law in the past and I will never put myself in that situation again to be legally extorted. Plus, I choose to respect the property owners wishes.
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    Sorry but I disagree, and frankly I don't really care honestly;).
    I don't do what I do because of other people, I do what I feel better keeps me safer. I have to do what makes me feel safer. Im glad you feel safe in places without it, I don't, and choose not to.

    If I was fired, it would go something like this

    Boss: You have a great record at work, why were you terminated after so many years of employment?
    Me: I work graveyards sir, at a retail store that is always getting robbed at gun point, and has even had employees taken while leaving work. (True stories ) I couldn't rely on the police to get there in time if my life was in danger.
    Boss: I understand..Are you carrying now?
    Me: Yes I am sir.
    Boss: HaHa, I couldn't even tell! What kind of holster do you have, and what are you concealing? I have a Kimber, in a max tuck right now lol
    Me: HAHA Really? Wow, I have a g23 g4 in a white hat.
    Boss: You are hired.

    Or, I just don't say crap, and no one knows any better.

    Its choices, so please don't talk down to me cause I choose to not obey laws that hinder my safety.

    Im sorry you respect the property owners wishes, more that your own safety. The whole gun free zone issue....I thought every agreed that those were bull crap and worthless, and does nothing but make you victims.?

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    Here in NC if a business posts a no gun sign the sign carries the weight of law. With that said I will not say if I carry in those places or not. Generally I do my best to avoid businesses that don't allow guns.
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    Yes, I agree. I 99% of the time avoid places, whether it be businesses or employment that have Hitler-like no gun polices.
  7. What definition of anarchy are you using? My definition of anarchy is a free and voluntary society. Real anarchy would be preferable to the current government we have now. Giving government a monopoly on the use of force to coerce people into doing things is wrong. Let's at least go back to an Articles of Confederation style government.

    Anyways... back on topic- as far as people uncomfortable carrying CC or OC with a full-size or compact weapon, I don't see why they can't carry a Ruger LCP or Kel-Tec P3AT or something of that nature in a pocket with one of the print-reduction holsters.
  8. My wife always resisted my interest in obtaining my CWP stating that it was really stupid and unnecessary. With her, if she doesnt understand something, it is immediately stupid. Well, to make a long story short, my adult son mentioned that he would like to go for his CWP training for his birthday. My wife said, Great, why dont you get Dad to go with you and pay for it all'. Well, we both took the course and passed, but he was in the middle of a move and didnt go for his permit, but I did. I waited the typical 90 days and started carrying immediately upon its receipt. Must have been at least a month or 2 before my wife realized that I was carrying...good concealment job, huh.

    She was angry that I didnt tell her when I got it..I told her I guess you just misssed my Happy Dance when it came in the mail...Now, after much time, she always checks to make sure I am carrying so she can be totally at ease when we are out..

    She now believes there is evil everywhere, and with me carrying, she is more safe than most..
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    Good to hear your wife is comfortable with you carrying. Did you son ever send in his paperwork?
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    its work related restrictions, my employer does not allow firearms on the property
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    Here in TN those gun buster signs carry weight of law. I'm not sorry that I abide TN state law and honor the wishes of property owners. I guess there was no way for you to know that I honor those property owners wishes by staying off their property with my firearm by staying off their property period. I guess you thought I loiter in those gun free zones. I hope you own property and in the near future you have visitors that don't respect your wishes. I would also "hate" for you to get caught breaking the law carrying in a gun free zone and labeled a terrorist cause you don't abide the laws and are against the Constitutional rights of property owners.

    "The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God ... anarchy and tyranny commence. PROPERTY MUST BE SECURED OR LIBERTY CANNOT EXIST"
    John Adams

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    In some states, it's recognized that when you're in your car, you're "on" your property. Ergo, a GunVault Micro Vault might be the best solution for you. I mention that brand because that's what I use and I'm not familiar with other brands.

    But, check first, because in some states it's also illegal to leave a weapon in a vehicle, locked or not.
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    Then get her used to the ol'..."Bye. Love ya'. See ya' when you get home.":p
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    This Quote from thread starter is proof positive big Brother has to much power,
    [As a police officer I am able to see who has a gun permit when conducting a traffic stop.]
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    Have her watch the news at night and see how often things happen in ur area . I live in the suburbs but things still happen. I just showed my wife how things really are and that cops are called after shots are fired, or muggings or break ins. I didn't want to scare her but showed her how real it really is. I love d the new batman trilogy (so does my wife). We went the night aurora shooting happened she was like that could have been us. She's going to school to be a teacher and that sandy hook shooting happened. Both times cops played clean up. She saw that and we have two kids of our own. Both shootings hit my home really hard. I work odd ours also and she's very protective of our kids. Hec she told me its better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. Have her watch the news every night is what I'm trying to say its a dirty world we live in and our freedom isn't free there are threats both foreign and domestic that's one thing the news is good at exploiting
  16. I always carry! If I'm going someplace where I LEGALLY can not carry inside (that's very few places I go: post office, and school), I lock it in my glove box and as soon as I'm back in my car it is on my person immediately. I have never gotten pulled over while carrying, in fact I haven't gotten pulled over in 7 years lol

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    I agree ill probly never open carry due to fact I don't want no one knowing I'm armed
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    If I'm not carrying it's because I'm on my way to or from work, where I can't have it on the property. (corrections)
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    Working on base puts a damper on that. Especially when they have the K-9s out at the gate, not worth losing my job over.