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  1. SHOOTER13

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    Just going through my DVR to clean up space when I came across a show that I recorded but forgot to watch...

    Top Guns...with Top Shot host Colby Donaldson. It was on the History Channel Wednesday night @10pm EST. The show I just watched was pretty good...comparing apples and oranges...and bananas.

    It featured the M14...the M1 Carbine...and the Mosin-Nagant. Gun rag writer and historian Garry James was also on board, as was another guy who had an impressive resume'.

    Anyway...long story short...they gave a brief history of each firearm then shot them to give each a "report card" on accuracy, and things of that nature...then at the end the host and his two guests each picked a rifle and had a small contest.

    The next show will be airing this Wednesday...looks to be another good one.
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  2. I think the said it was on H2 after the show was about over. I don't have H2 and can't record/watch it.

  3. SHOOTER13

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    Yes, it is H2 !! Do you get the Military channel...? I really enjoy that one.

    CJKOLCUN New Member

    I am glad to see more and more pro gun programs on now. We need all of the positive views as we can get.
  5. SHOOTER13

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    Top Guns (Episode #2)

    Well, just watched episode #2 of Top Guns on H2 ( History Channel ) which premiered Wednesday at 10pm EST on my DVR.

    This week's firearms were the Browning Automatic Rifle, the Steyr AUG, and the FNH PS90. A pretty diverse selection...

    Same premise...have two guests ( Navy SEAL Sniper and another equally proficient marksman ) and host Colby Donaldson rated each one and then select one firearm per man and they shoot for bragging rights. Informative is the word I would use...

    Good show...anyone else watch ?!
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  6. SHOOTER13

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    Top Guns (Episode #3)

    Just watched episode #3 of Top Guns and showcased this week were the shotguns just used in episode #3 of Top Shot, the Benelli M4, Vinci, and Nova...

    Colby was joined by Chris Tucker and Jay Lim...both who were challengers on Top Shot in the past seasons. Chris and Jay put all the shotguns through their paces and then each was used by the host and two guests to have an informal shoot-out.

    Anyone else see the show...?!
  7. G17XJ_BS

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    Yep I watch this show also, seems like the guns previewed are the same from TOP SHOT the night before.
  8. SHOOTER13

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    Finally watched the last episode of Top Guns...featuring the Kentucky Flintlock pistol, the Colt SAA, and the H&K USP Tactical 45.

    Pretty good show...I personally own a Colt SAA, and it is a pleasure to shoot...very accurate with a great trigger !

    Anyone else see the "Pirates & Patriots" show on Wednesday 3/14/12...?!
  9. dslmac2

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    Top Gun is a great show.
  10. Djstudter702

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    I like this show because eventhough it shows the previous weapons used on Top Shot, they also give more detailed information on these weapons. This next show looks quite interesting with the older weapons the team's are gonna use.
  11. kawiglock

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    I just came across this show this week. I was searching for "top shot" and found this. I too like the format. Is nice to see Colby fire some weapons. For those of you like myself who watch / stream some tv on your computer or laptop or don't have a DVR. Check out Hulu.com you can watch all the top guns / top shots on there. History Channel also streams there shows for a week after they've aired for free online. I watch pawn stars and top gear on there as well.
  12. SHOOTER13

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    Episode #6

    Got a chance to watch Top Guns episode #6 called Blades of Steel, where Jack Dagger, the King of Fling, brings out the knives and tomahawks to show Colby and a NY cop how to stick a target. The prehistoric Atlatl gives everyone a challenge...and in the final contest Jack throws knives and hawks blindfolded.

    Does anyone here ever practice with throwing knives and axes...!?

    I myself do it regular...got a few choice log slices that I sanded and sealed, put a few eye hooks in to hang from a nearby tree, and toss my throwing knives and axes, and even a sharpened edge shovel at it at different intervals ( feet / yards ) away.

    The trick is to use the same spot for the amount of revolutions needed to hit & stick the target at a given distance. Good eye / hand coordination training...




  13. wareaglescott

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    I enjoy the show. The camera work on it and Top Shots is really impressive!
  14. Donn

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    "Triggers" on the Military channel is my personal favorite. More "real world" than some of the others. MHO you understand.
  15. G17XJ_BS

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    Yep thats a good one also!!
  16. SHOOTER13

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    Yea...I've caught all the triggers episodes so far...Not too shabby.

    Think the 1st season is over already...haven't seen a new show in weeks.
  17. SHOOTER13

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    Episode #7

    Just viewed episode #7 of Top Guns...

    Eleven time national shooting champion Robert Vogel gives a master class on three .22 caliber weapons: the Browning Buckmark, the Volquartsen 10/22 and the Ruger Mark II. Marksman and former federal air marshal Chris Cerino gets some trigger time, and host Colby Donaldson faces stiff competition in the final shoot off.

    Anybody here own any of these fine .22's...?!

    I myself own a Browning Buckmark...it's spot on for tack drivin' !!

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  18. dwcfastrice

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    Owned a Mark II until I sold it for an Advatage arms .22 conversion kit.
    Heck of a pistol. Couldnt get it I malf. ever. Believe me, I tried.

    Super accurate and just plain fun. Only down side was the breakdown. This gun does not assemble of disassemble like any other weapon I've seen. Some kind of crazy space gun design. It's all responsible for cracking my glass kitchen table top (bolt fell out when trying to out the gun back together).


    I miss it. I may get another some day.