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Identity theft in progress.

Pass week I have been notified by 2 financial institutions that someone has been attempting to withdraw funds from my retirement accounts.
So I have been frantically, implementing additional Security procedures, changing passwords, terminating accounts.
Well today, my financial advisor calls and says she just spoke to the guy who was pretending to be me. She informs me that he has submitted a funds withdrawal request, bank routing and accounting info to send funds to along with email and telephone number. She also emailed me all of his contact info.
WOW #1!
I am being robbed right now. With all his contact and bank info the FBI should be able to catch this guy in the act.
After all, its a U.S bank, we have a phone number he is talking to us on. We called him back to confirm his bank info plus all of his fraudulent paperwork.
WOW #2!
I immediately contacted the local FBI, explained the crime is currently
in progress and the paperwork evidence along with the theft's phone, email and bank account info.
The FBI agent informed he that he didn't need the info at this time, but would pass my name and number on to the complaint department.
Hung up, I called FBI in New Orleans. Useless as teats on a bore hog. Report it to the Attorney General I was told by FBI.
State Attorney general's office.
They informed me , this takes the cake. You cant make ##it like this up.
Quote! We dont investigate crimes in progress, we only investigate crimes that have been committed. Call 911 or Crime Stoppers.
SO, I call 911, I need to report a crime in progress. Where are you located? So I give them my city and state.
911 response , you need to call the local police, here is their. number.
So I explain my situation to the local police, Oh you need to report fraud and Identity theft to the AG. I informed them I did. After 15 minutes and 2 persons later they agreed to send an LEO to my residence. 2 hours later LEO showed up. I gave them the perps info and they left.
Here is an Offense Report number.
Forty years ago , I was in law enforcement, our detectives and the FBI would have jumped on this in a heartbeat.

Not Today, What has happened to our beloved Serve and Protect. Where did the real LEO and DOJ go?

Personal Fraud and Identity
Theft in progress when you know its happening is almost as bad as a home invasion.

Bottom line, the police are there to react, not act, let alone to be proactive. They exhort our money and rights in the name of justice.
Our imfamous FBI, well we all know they are useless unless it's Corruption or conspiracy.

And yet they want to take the only method we have to protect ourselves.
OUR Constitutional Rights.

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HOLY COW, what a mess!!!. I've been a victim of ID theft, it sucks. Good luck and I hope they catch the turd or turdette!!

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I wonder if they are just overwhelmed with such crimes. I hope that this all gets worked out, and criminal is arrested. My garage was broken into few years back. The local police didn’t even dispatch a unit, dust fingerprints, anything. They just asked for receipts & serial numbers. When I was younger the same happened to my father. They dispatched units, dusted for prints, etc. So it’s fair to say I was underwhelmed by local Leo’s actions in my case. I hate thieves!!

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Damn!!!!! Sorry that you are going through this. I hope you are able to get it resolved and the culprits are found and arrested.
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