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today at the range...

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Well I was shooting my Glock 31 and the rear sight fell off. I went to do a follow upshot and I couldn't see the rear sight. Yeah, it was laying on the table. Very weird.
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Approximately how many shots through the G31 before this incident occurred ?!

...and, what's the follow-up plan ?
I had these put on about a month ago. I had shot about 25 or 30 rounds through it today when it came off. (probably 200 or so since I had them installed. I am going to the shop to have it fixed. (reputable shop) This is my duty weapon so I have to get it fixed today or tomorrow. Hopefully, it is an easy fix.

On a positive note my Glock 20 was fun. Shot some of the first handloads. Way more fun than the wimpy stuff they sell at the store.
Let us know how you make out...
Went to Robar and they got it squared away. It simply wasn't set in place all the way. Apparently they used the supplied tools and it is tough to get them tight that way. They put some locktite on there and now it seems fine. It was a very odd experience. I thought my eyes were deceiving me!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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