To trade or not to trade...

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by Slugo, May 1, 2012.

  1. Slugo

    Slugo Member

    I have the opportunity to trade a NIB G19 for a NIB G26. Both are 3rd generation guns. Would you do it, yes or no? :confused:
  2. RockoutwithmyGlockout

    RockoutwithmyGlockout New Member

    Depends on how the 26 feels in your hands?

  3. Levelcross

    Levelcross New Member

    Fondle er I mean handle the G26 and see if you will need the mag extension to get the grip you want, if so I would pick the G19 as is is almost the same size then. I personally like the G26 more, but as they say that is just my .02.
  4. Ranger45

    Ranger45 Senior Member

    If the 26 is what you really want, then go for it. But trust me, at some point you'll want to replace that 19 as well! I traded my Gen3 G21 some time ago for an HK. Wasn't long before I was itching to replace that missing 21!

    Life is what makes you happy.
  5. twag4

    twag4 New Member

    Keep it and save for a 26.
  6. Happysniper1

    Happysniper1 New Member

    This. +1.

    Have and love the '26 (with grip extensions), still aching to get a '19 and a '17.....
  7. thinkricky

    thinkricky Member Supporter

    Get the 26! I got a 19 and I'm wishing for a 26!
  8. odgreen

    odgreen Senior Member

    Keeping it in the family... I LOVE my 27. You've got to make friends with it first though. These Germanic sorts are very cold and brusk at first but after a few hundred rounds you'll get along like a house on fire.
  9. Cruizer

    Cruizer G17 G19

    +2 I think you'll regret trading the 19
  10. thinkricky

    thinkricky Member Supporter

    Then again. They are all probably right. If I got the 26 I'd be wanting the 19.