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This Christmas I got a non compensated stainless steel KKM match grade G35 barrel for my G22C. I really like the V ports on my 22C. I've been trying to decide to get my new KKM barrel V ported. Would it be worth it to have my new barrel ported?? Also would it be wise to port it in the factory 22C spot or is that a waste and should only be done more towards the front of the barrel (in front of the slide)??

Porting it more towards the muzzle will not work as good porting it at the cuts in the slide. I bought one of the first G17L pistols without the factory porting and sent the barrel out to magnaport and had them port it pretty far back but not too far back. The difference was huge! I was running 9mm major power factor loads and the magnaporting helped me with decreasing my splits no matter what ammo I was shooting.

From my experience I would recommend farther back to get the full effect. I will also recommend magnaport. They are the originals and no one can beat their work. It's amazing how they know exactly how much to cut out at the right angles to reduce muzzle jump....
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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