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If you watch enough TV you learn that every gun needs to have the slide racked prior to being used. Newsflash! Real cops carry one in the chamber.

Just the other day I was watching a local newscast and the reporter stated it is illegal to carry a gun in a church in Missouri. This, of course, is completely untrue as well.

Whether it's a show or the news, people should NEVER take someone elses word as truth... Ever.
In accordance with Section 571.107 RSMo., you may not carry a concealed
weapon in the following places:
• any police, sheriff, or Highway Patrol office or station without consent;
• within 25 feet of any polling place on Election Day;
• adult or juvenile jail or institution;
• courthouse or facilities;
• any meeting of a government body (except by a member with a con-
cealed carry endorsement);
• bar without consent;
• airport;
• where prohibited by federal law;
• schools;
• child care facility (without consent of manager);
• riverboat gambling facility;
• amusement parks;
any church or place of worship; without permis-
sion of Minister or person representing religious

• any sports arena or stadium (with seating for more than 5,000);
• hospitals; and,
• private or public property where posted.

I guess they stopped at ";"
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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