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    I seriously am starting to believe there are a lot of ppl whom watch entirely to much TV and they base what they see on TV as fact........

    Hollywood is Hollywood.

    If you question whether something may get you in trouble or make you more liable please do yourself a favor....

    1st: Use common sense (although it seems to be not so common) really think out what question is being bounced around between your ears. It's not as difficult as one might think. ie: I read a post where Hornady Critical Defense or maybe Critical Duty, could potentially make you more liable because of the name. This might be the most asinine thing I've read on here to date.

    Break it down, who here thinks a huge company like Hornady isn't asking their lawyers if a certain name on a box might open them up to liability, of course they are, they don't want to get sued or be held liable any more than any one of you do. So it stands to reason if Hornady has put in the legal work to be sure their asses are covered, you can be sure your not any more liable for using their product.

    2nd: Ask Mr. Google, chances are he'll know, although don't get an answer from a forum, if it's a legal question find a state statute or caselaw that answers your question, not another idiot who's been watching to much NCIS. BTW I love NCIS......I just know it's not's entertainment.

    Anyone with common sense please feel free to start up #3...
  2. You mean Snookie isn't a whore, and Fox isn't Biased?


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    Fox isn't biased.............Snookie......yeah she's kind of a ho
  4. I don't trust any of the news people, they were just the first one to my brain.
  5. If you watch enough TV you learn that every gun needs to have the slide racked prior to being used. Newsflash! Real cops carry one in the chamber.

    Just the other day I was watching a local newscast and the reporter stated it is illegal to carry a gun in a church in Missouri. This, of course, is completely untrue as well.

    Whether it's a show or the news, people should NEVER take someone elses word as truth... Ever.
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    Heck who's got time to watch TV I'm to busy trying to keep up on the posts here LOL.
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    AMEN! I see the other Missourians on here have some sense........
  8. In accordance with Section 571.107 RSMo., you may not carry a concealed
    weapon in the following places:
    • any police, sheriff, or Highway Patrol office or station without consent;
    • within 25 feet of any polling place on Election Day;
    • adult or juvenile jail or institution;
    • courthouse or facilities;
    • any meeting of a government body (except by a member with a con-
    cealed carry endorsement);
    • bar without consent;
    • airport;
    • where prohibited by federal law;
    • schools;
    • child care facility (without consent of manager);
    • riverboat gambling facility;
    • amusement parks;
    any church or place of worship; without permis-
    sion of Minister or person representing religious

    • any sports arena or stadium (with seating for more than 5,000);
    • hospitals; and,
    • private or public property where posted.

    I guess they stopped at ";"
  9. Then they also ignored 571.107.2:

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    Isn't it remarkable that certain parts of statutes are intentionally left out and or just plain ignored........
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    Wait. You mean if I jump my car over a bridge, when it lands hard on the front wheels, the frame IS going to be bent and the car will no longer be driveable? ;)

    Let's not forget that you also have to click off the safety on your Glock...:rolleyes:
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