To advertise or not to advertise?

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  1. Ok, my wife bought me some Glock goodies for last Christmas, which included the window decal "Protected by Glock". Well, turns out she wanted the decal to put on the back glass of your car and after her buying me my gun last year, how could I say no! Lol! But a few months later, the light bulb went off and I got to thinking was this a good idea? Although, my gun is rarely in her car, but would this entice criminals to break into her car or would it be a detourant? Or would it make the thugs more aggressive during a robbery assuming she had a weapon? She does have her carry permit, but she carrys a Walther P22, which isn't ideal for CC. We've discussed upgrading her to at least a 9mm. So, keep the decal or scrap it? Suggestions/Comments?
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    I am not a big fan of advertising my firearms. I personally think its a bad idea to for a couple of reasons:
    1. If anybody ever tried to rob or hurt me or my family, I want them completely surprised when I pull out my G36.
    2. I also would not want some anti gun activist to park next to me in a parking lot and see the gun stickers and key my truck. This has happened to someone I know before. They wrote "guns kill people" on the side of his truck with a key.
    I have a lot of firearm decals and patches and normally they go on my toolbox or inside my safe. Just my 2 cents.

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    I don't put any stickers or decals on my cars, just my preference. As for gun decals, I feel that is giving a BG a advantage in knowing that I am armed, now if he wants to start wearing a bright neon circle in center mass I may be willing to change my mind.

    Now the tool box is well decorated with a few different brand decals, as well as the back wall of my shop has a few targets displayed. I also have my G-22 on my hip all the time.
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    I agree with you. No need to give people any notice that you will defend yourself. Bad people won't expect to be greeted by a gun.
    Stickers let everyone know what you have, and give them an edge.
  5. Thanks for the insight guys! The decal needs to come off!
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    Average upstanding citizen's thinking: "Oh, there is a lady who has a Glock with her, a Glock must be a gun...not sure."

    Fellow CCW's thinking: "Why put that sticker on your vehicle?"

    Scum bag loser or thug's thinking, who really wants a Glock so he can fit in with his homeboys but can't afford one because he spent all his money on shoes and an over-sized baseball cap: "Dey go a b!7ch wid a 9..Imma wait til she come back and take dat from her."

    The assault on her would be quick and rough since they think she is carrying. Whether scenario II ever happens or not is hard to tell but it puts your wife in unnecessary danger. The very least that may happen is someone breaks her window while she is inside the mall; he only found a couple McDonalds french fries, some hand sanitizer, umbrella, and some CDs, and you are stuck with a couple hundred bucks for a window repair.

    If you are like me, I would imagine you tell your wife every time she leaves to go somewhere "BE CAREFUL". Help her do just that.
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    As proud as we all are to be Glock owners, I have to agree with everyone who has responded. It's better to "blend in" and be "not noticed". Let the bad guy's attention be elsewhere.
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  9. GlockIt

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    Had the same thing happen to me but with an anti-obama bumper sticker they left an 18" key mark on my rear right quater panel.
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    Ya, my NRA stickers finally came in, well the membership package, so they are sitting next to my Glock forum stickers because I can't figure out where to put them lol.
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    I just put all those stickers on my 5.11 Tactical Nalgene bottle.
  12. The best warriors know how to blend in, be noticed but forgotten, to project power but not state it, and that acknowledgement is certainly destructive.
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    I think its a matter of where you live. Me I live in northern az in a realitivly small town where it is not uncommon to see a NRA sticker or a "Keep honking I'm reloading" bumper sticker I have even seen stickers that say "guns don't kill people people kill people" it is also not uncommon (espically around big game hunting season) to see trucks with rifles in the rifle racks. Here there are people with guns and people with out em the ones with out just leave us alone. I love the fact that my wife supports and shares my love for glock and I think its awesome your wife supports it as well. But you have to look at where you are at. If you are in a place such as LA or NY or any place with "thugs" then I would say no.
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    I'm so obsessed with not letting anyone know I carry, I even keep hunting stickers (Realtree, Foiles Migrators, etc) off my truck. People don't need to know what I do or that I'm carrying.
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    Being non-descript has it's advantages, otherwise we wouldn't have invented camouflage.

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    I put mu NRA stickers on my truck, thats it. It seems to attract mostly like minded people here in Florida for all others thats why I CCW.
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    I agree with everyone in general and also choose not to advertise; but an arguement can be made that it could serve as a deterent, especially if the person driving the car would be generally perceived as an easy target (Grandma, petite woman etc). Think of the house alarm signs we post in the yard to deter criminals. In comparison, we may worry that a thief would break into our home using the logic that we must be protecting something of value to have put in the system..
    On a somewhat related bumper sticker note:
    After returning from OIF III, I had a replica sticker of the signs we used on gun trucks. The classic "Stay back 300 meters or you will be shot", in both English and Arabic. My mom, visiting from England said "Oh dear, that's not very nice" and told me I should take it down. Even though I was 40 something, I did what Mommy said. Especially given, I would rarly take a shot that far with my G36...
    Just a different perspective.
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    I don't advertise or open carry which are similar in the fact that your letting the world know you own/carry a gun!
    It's none of anyone's business and if they make it there business more than likely they are up to no good!

    Buy a Glock and sleep tight!!
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