THUMBS UP!! For the forum house cleaning!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Mike P, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. Awesome to finally see some highly misplaced threads get moved into the appropriate sections. The place was seriously getting jacked up with people posting a TON of crap in the wrong areas. :D
  2. Sux that its still going on. People just cant read I guess.:rolleyes:

  3. iGlock

    iGlock Lead Farmer

    Like this thread :D lol
  4. jimmyalbrecht

    jimmyalbrecht Glockn Rollin

    It's because a lot of people are too lazy to search for already-answered questions, so they make a new thread.
  5. shiflet

    shiflet New Member

    I'm probably one of those people! I appoligize for that! First time being a member and using a forum!! Haha
  6. Geee, maybe I should have posted this in the ammo or conceal carry sections?:rolleyes:
  7. Not so much the new thread thing{that does suck also} as it is posting most everything in the actual GLOCK section or similar examples in other sections of totally unrelated stuff. Why can't people read the descriptions of each section before posting?

    I could stay busy for hours moving threads to the correct sections.
  8. iGlock

    iGlock Lead Farmer

    :D there you go...
  9. havasu

    havasu Well-Known Member Supporter

    As most know, we just came off a huge give away, which was very hard to manage with only a couple folks moderating. Now that the contest is over (until the next one!), we can get down to business. Thanks for bearing with us!
  10. No explicit descriptions on the mobile app.

    As well, we have tons of new users (well, technically I'm new here too) that have never been on forums and many who may be new to guns in general. I'd guess many of the forum names might not be as obvious to them as it is to us.
  11. Since im on droid I have no idea what the app looks like. So does it not look anything like it does while using a browser? If so I would find that strange.
  12. shiflet

    shiflet New Member

    You can download the app on your Droid. I'm on mine right now. It does and doesent have similarities to the actual site on a computer browser
  13. jelder

    jelder New Member

    I use the iPhone app and it shows nothing!
  14. Oh, I never bothered to check it out because it stated it was for iphone. Guess I will get it now to check it out but I dont have any issues being on here with my phones browser.
  15. KeenansGarage

    KeenansGarage Hiding in plain sight....

    x2 on the thread clean up!

    Do you need more moderators?? :cool:
  16. SHOOTER13

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    Thanks for bearing with us folks...we are doing the best we can !!

    CJKOLCUN New Member

    x3 on the thread clean up!
  18. Birddogyz

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    Also a big thank you on the troll exterminations, happy hunting.
  19. SHOOTER13

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    Thanks Birddogyz... ^^^

    I'm here to boot trolls and chew bubblegum...

    and I'm all out of bubblegum !!