Three carry guns only. What would they be?

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    MRGREENE New Member

    Since I live in the free state of Arizona I don't have this problem of only selecting 3 to put on my permit, but if I had to pick 3 they would be as follows:
    G19, for a full size/ large capacity pistol
    S&W shield, so I can go small and still have a legit pistol
    Ruger LCP, for Those times I just need to run to the 7/11 or similar situations
    Of course the LCP may be replace by a S&W 442 for the same role
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  2. gen-admission

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    G19, P239, sig nightmare in commander length

  3. ctwilson

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    Glock 19 & H&k p30sk I also have a glock 17 but don't carry that.
  4. Glock 26
    Glock 27
    Glock 30S

    (The holy trinity of sub-compacts!)
    But not necessarily in THAT order! :)
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  5. kasc4

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    Just got a G26 to add to my Kahr CM9. I've been very happy with the Kahr. It's been very concealable. I've been able to wear it with a light tee shirt and I don't think it has ever been noticed which is very nice in Ca. I like the g26 but the Kahr is easier to conceal
  6. GSDunn

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    G17,G19,G26 all can use the same mags so it simplifies logistics.
  7. kennydale

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    Ditto !........
  8. iRockGlock

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  9. Donn

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    1. S&W M&P 9c.

    2. M&P Shield.

    3. S&W J Frame.
  10. Easy_CZ

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    • Glock 19/26
    • Ruger LCR .327
    • Ruger LCP Pro/Glock 43
  11. Che

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    Same here.

    Some days I like to carry the Colt Government, others the Browning High Power but after retirement I am carrying the Glock 19 and occasionally a S&W Model 637 more often.
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  12. DngrClose

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    So glad I don't have to pick just 3 pistols here in Texas, but if I did and I was restricted to the California's 10 round limit, My 3 would be:
    G30S (accurate mother scratcher)
    G26 (w/ Pearce +0 mag extension)
    G43 (W/ TT +2 or Pearce +1 mags)
    All with - connector, night sights, and slightly undercut/rounded trigger guard.

    If not 10 round limit: G30S, G26, G17. I might have to supplement one of the 9's with the G43 or G23 though. Tough one as I also enjoy carrying: p320c, P220, P226, shield, g34, lcp, and a few others.

    On a bright side of having only 3 I would of sure save a mint on holster purchases. Ha!

    Additional bla bla bla:
    If Ca didn't have crazy taxes, was 2nd A friendly, and was grounded with a more conservative values structure overall, I could see the Central Coast (Lompoc area) as a possible settle down retirment location. Out of the entire state I like that area between Ventura and SLO/Pismo.
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  13. sat

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    Glock 19 or 27 (everyday carry)
    S&W 38 Chief (ankle carry dress wear, church, social events etc.)
    Something small in .380 (throw in your pocket carry for running around town or in a rush)
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  14. Survivor52

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    I'm not limited to 3. But I would be fairly pleased with my G30, G27, and G42. I would prefer G43 over G42.

    If I were set on the G19 and 9mm, then it would probably be G19, G26, and G43.

    I could be persuaded to mix in a G22 and/or S&W j frame .357.
  15. smart015

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    I like the G29,G30s, and G26 combination.
  16. jhg57

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    Glock 19, J-frame, full size 1911
  17. GaryWWhite

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    Wilson Combat CQB in .45
    Sig Sauer P220 Elite
    Smith and Wesson Model 29 in SS
  18. PGM

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    Well I'm new here but if capacity is a concern my everyday favorite is my cdp2 lg

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  19. smokewagon

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    Ruger SR1911CMD

    Which happen to be my carry rotation...
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    Sbr Drako