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I just realized I never updated this thread the way I wanted to, so I copied the article to this post

Let’s face it, we are citizens of the internet as much as we are of our home town. We’re here every day, reading news, lurking forums, watching videos, looking for funny pics, and probably porn that we aint willing to talk about. In our day to day, going to our favorite gun forums and news sites, the topic is gonna surface: “What do I do if I just smoked that fool?”

I could give you all sort of advice on what I would do, but who knows, I’ve never woke up to my door being crashed down, my windows shattered, and a slimeball that feels he need whatever I got ripping through my home. I honestly don’t know if I will be able to stop the threat in time, and neither does that internet tough guy on the other end of a computer screen in Butt**** Egypt, USA.

So say the moment comes. You just successfully stopped a would be attacker. He or they broke through your back door wielding whatever weapon that made you feel that your life was threatened. You made it to your Hi-point and in a minute or so that felt like ten you perforated the bad guy. A few things are going to happen. Most people that are dying are gonna piss and **** themselves, and you are gonna have a adrenaline dump. That means you are not gonna be in control of your actions, including you might piss, **** and puke. You might shake uncontrollably or babble like a baby.

If you haven’t called 911 yet, you need to. There is a ton of legal and internets-legal advice I have heard about this matter, but who knows what you are going to say. As much as you would like to keep it simple and make sure you don’t say too much, you are probably going to say more than is needed. The second call needs to be to a lawyer. There are plenty of them out there that specialize in self-defense cases. Thumbing through the yellow pages after this happens is the worst time to do this. Getting a contact set up with a lawyer is something you can plan for, just like buying your gun. you can get names for lawyers like that at your local gun shop, or the NRA and the USCCA. It’s just as important that you don’t lose your life to prison as it is that you don’t lose it at the hands of the intruder. Go talk to a few, and if you like him or her, take their card and put it next to your phone or somewhere you will never lose it.

Okay, the cops are on their way. You still have a gun in your hand. Now what? Simple, put it down. That’s it. You do not want anything in your hands when Barney Fife comes in your place, or you will likely be eating your blood stained carpet rather quick. You don’t have to do anything complicated with your heater, especially when you just did the scariest thing in your life and your head is not right. Plus, the cops will clear it, look for any evidence and be taking it with them anyway, so let them handle it.

Now, the cops are here, they have the situation under control, and they are going to start asking you questions. Chances are you are going to say more than you need to. If you have the presence of mind, assert the need to consult your lawyer first, even if he had a gun, an axe or whatever. Chances are you won’t be able to with that adrenaline flowing, ears ringing and every emotion going through your head. They may take you in for questioning, or they may leave you in your now destroyed home because they feel the shooting was totally justified.

Remember, this path isn’t over. You may need to defend yourself in court. Your pocketbook is gonna take a beating. You may need counseling. There is a good chance you will sit in jail next to bubba. Your family is going to look at you in a different light, or may not want to look at you at all. No one can really prepare fully for the moment we all hope never comes, but keep these points in mind for if it does.
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