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Thoughts on a G36

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Currently carry a G26 Gen 4, but I am getting an itch, I'm wanting to get a G36, was wondering from those that have a G36 how you like it and what is the recoil like compared to G26. I know it's going to be more then the 9, however is it a significant difference? I carry a G21 on duty but have never shot a sub compact 45.
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I carry a G36 off-duty. Kind of hard to get a lot of after market parts because of limited inter-changeability with other models.

Originally got the G36 because of the grip size of single/double stacking issue between the G36 and the G30.

I found the G30sf solved the problem and I'm getting ready to switch. If I stay .45 cal, I'm going with the G30sf.

I got away from .40 cal because of early arthritis. The G36 is better. It falls between the .40 and the 9MM in felt recoil. The G30sf should feel even better because of the added weight. It should also cut down on muzzle flip for that same reason.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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